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Furniture Shopping

February 16, 2010

Microfantasy Monday comes from Sweltering Celt and this week’s theme is furniture.

“I’ve not been to any place like this before,” I said with a small voice. “What shall I wear?” “Oh, don’t worry, today you will not be staying there, so you may dress to please me.” I smiled and slipped on the new stockings you’d bought. I loved when you bought me things that were pleasing to both of us – these were delicately woven flowers in a rich amethyst. They had a lovely feel against my legs as I slid my feet into heels. You watched me from the corner of the room as you slipped on your belt, your eyes sliding over me, caressing my skin. The final piece I slipped over my head and let fall about me; a quick tug fit the top portion in place, giving me lovely cleavage and hidden support. With a possessive look you took my hand and led me out of the house.

The building you took me to was discreetly nestled in the midst of several ordinary retail shops. Within, the differences were obvious, although there was the same luxurious feel as the other stores in the area. The big difference was what was for sale. All the goods in the shop were naked, slicked with oil. All body types, all genders, were available for sale. One girl stood near the entrance with her hands sticking out from her body. I watched as you eased off your jacket and hung it on her hands with the others there. With both of her hands full, there was no room to put my wrap so you waved over another girl who took her place next to the first. A quick glance around the room showed men on their hands and knees being used as feet rests; others stood next to the settees holding drinks.

I had a few trepidations; I knew that at some point you would be bringing me here for my own training. We were also here today to make a purchase and I wasn’t sure how I would feel about that. I worried that whoever you chose would take my place. I should have known better, you had reassured me long ago that I was your pet; no one else could take my place. Now you waved your hand at the merchandise, “This will be your choice pet. I won’t be the one using this piece of furniture so you choose whatever you like.”

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