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February 12, 2010

Well really, Buzz is an onomatopoeia. And it’s got the twitter/facebook/google/friendfeed world going. I am amused by people who say Buzz will take the place of twitter (or the ones who said twitter is for sharing information and not a chat program).

First, twitter IS an information sharing, chat whatever program. That’s it’s beauty. If all you want to see is a bunch of informative links, follow those people and only share links. Don’t bother interacting.

But for many, twitter is about the interaction. You post a link to a picture, to a blog, to a whatever, and then we talk. Lots of people back and forth, real time. Or you make a comment, or think aloud. Whatever. It’s like anything – if it’s the funny guy even the potty jokes will be listened to. If you’re the geek/dweeb/annoyance (mind you I’m a geek – this is an example only) then only the others like you will pay attention. Maybe.

This buzz is very different. I can’t ever see *me* using it like twitter. Buzz tends to take that one 140-character tweet and expand it wildly. And I do mean “wildly”. They seem to quickly become unwieldy. It does have some great features but I really don’t want to follow my entire twitter stream. So far a couple people have managed to completely take over my buzz stream and not necessarily in a good way. Yes I like some of the content, but not all of it. And just one very popular person in buzz makes for annoying long conversation streams in just one buzz. And muting doesn’t stop him!

Good points: love being able to see a picture or a blog post in it’s entirety (I understand they’re fixing it so you can post comments from within buzz?) And since a lot of the stuff I read is NSFW but that seems to be the best time for me to read them, this is a definite plus. Also, I’m not a twitter link clicker unless it’s really something cool. So now I can see more of it, decide if it’s cool enough to follow through to.

Bad points: no easy mute button. No way to automatically pile all of a person’s Buzz streams together (for those that post a LOT). Or maybe a way to mark them as read and they auto collapse down. I like googlewave’s take on that – you scroll through them and they’re marked as read. That’d work for me.

The mute doesn’t stay muted. As soon as someone posts again, it pops back in. If you make the mistake of expanding the comments in someone else’s buzz stream – you can’t collapse them back down.

Also? Twitter streams to buzz are actually annoying. But if I could selectively filter (hashtags?) out things from a person’s stream – I’d be okay with that. Then if I wanted to see what they’d said on twitter recently, I could. Although it’s so much easier to click into the other tab and check their profile. This is buzz – not twitter.

Big drawback for me is the co-mingling of followers. I have people I converse with on a regular basis who are kinky and know I am to, so I don’t have to watch what I say. Then there are those that don’t know that side of me – but here they are, in my gmail for my kinky acount (this is a all the way through downfall btw, not just buzz) and they somehow end up my chat program and following me on my reader etc. They don’t know who I am – I hope. I don’t put my real last name in and I don’t talk to them with those accounts. But still. Tutivillus from Dungeonplace put up a great idea on this topic: Google Buzz And Privacy. I definitely need to get in there and clean it out – figure out a way to separate those contacts. Since buzz auto adds these contacts and makes many things more transparent – this problem in gmail becomes HUGE.

Gmail lets me respond to emails in multiple ways (ie from any of my numerous email accounts) – why can’t Buzz? This doesn’t alleviate the problem completely – I can’t follow people with my kinky account if they’re part of the public-friendly group – but at least if I pop over to that buzz stream, I can reply. But hey – you can feed in multiple emails to gmail, why not multiple buzz streams?

Oh and it’s distracting me from my mail. Once I start a conversation or join in on one, it’s in my email so the fact that I just keep email open works well. But going back and forth gets annoying. Okay yes, I need to just quit whining because hey – they are in the same window.

So upshot is, I like the potential, but the drawbacks may eventually capsize the boat for me. I can see a lot of use for it. I’ve joked about an “orgy” – and heard people refer to it as IRC 2. And in a sense that’s exactly what it is. Each little buzz becomes it’s own “chat room” and the topic guides the discussion – or lets it wander down rabbit trails. An online orgy – er discussion of best kink practices could be a great way to use it.

Hmm. Just an interesting thought – speed games. This is definitely an IRC hold over. We used to play trivia and threesomes (aka tribond) and Dirty minds (look it up) – and we could have winners based on first correct answer. Wonder if that’d work in here?

I had thought writing groups would work well in here, but a friend pointed out that the wave ability to edit in-line by anyone is even better for that. Still, maybe a set time once a week. A topic gets posted and everyone has to write their story/poem/whatever right in that Buzz within that time frame? Just brainstorming here.

So that’s the buzz on Buzz. (I bet that’s going to be said a lot)

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  1. February 12, 2010 2:48 pm

    wow long and exelent post, I read it in email on phone.

    there is mute button, its letter m on keyboard, probably works in inbox too.
    If I dont like what I see, I click on name and unfollow.
    I havent figured out filters yet lol

    • sweetspice permalink*
      February 12, 2010 2:50 pm

      Silly me *grin* I started writing it in Buzz – way too long for there.

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