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Curiosity Satisfied

December 11, 2009

I felt the excitement ripple across my skin as I picked up the envelope that had been slipped beneath the door. It was the first thing I saw when I entered my apartment after work. Quickly I set my things down on the chair in the entry and scooped it up, pulling the note from within. “Good evening angel. I will be here in two hours. Take your bath using the oils and candles I sent you. When you are done you may have a glass of wine and a small snack. When I arrive I will expect to find you laying on the bed with the blindfold on and your hands handcuffed to the headboard. ”

I wasn’t sure how I would be able to wait that long, how I would hold out when I was already so heated by his words. I gathered up my things and headed into the bedroom; stowing my purse, hanging up my jacket helped me get back into my routine. Soon I was laying neck-deep in my tub, the heat of the water caressing my skin. It was this extra-long, extra-deep tub that hooked me on this apartment in the first place and you knew that. The scent of the candles teased my senses as I soaked, thinking of the night ahead.

I sat at the counter, ate my snack in the warm apartment. I’d adjusted the thermostat to avoid catching a chill, knowing you’d readjust it when you came in. By the time the clock showed you were due to arrive soon, everything had been put away and I was laying on the bed, waiting as you’d instructed. We’d purchased the blindfold together, ensuring that it was easily put on by one person and that it completely robbed one of the sense of sight. It made me feel very vulnerable, heightening my senses even more.

The sound of you opening the door was loud, filling the silent apartment. I heard your footsteps as you made your way to where I waited; heard the soft fall of leather as you laid your jacket across the chest at the end of the bed. Lightning danced across my skin as your fingers traced a path along my calf. “Very nice angel. Now you don’t look very relaxed considering you took such a nice bath.” Your breath warmed my neck as you leaned in to smell my skin. “Lovely. I knew that scent would be perfect. Just a light note to enhance the fragrance that is you.”

I felt your hands push my legs apart, the tips of your fingers brushing against my sex. “I love smelling you, knowing you’re already wet and waiting for me.” I heard the rustle of your clothes as you slid out of them, then the bedside drawer opened. I couldn’t tell what you removed from the sounds though I strained to distinguish between them. There were many objects in the drawer that you could have chosen from and my mind raced with anticipation.

“Tonight angel, I’m going to give you something you’ve been quite the curious cat about. You will feel many new sensations and perhaps some slight pain. If the pain is too much, you may speak. In fact, I insist.” Your hands moved over me as you spoke. Hands moist with the oil you’d used on them slid across and between my cheeks, your way of letting me know what was to come. “This is not about pain, but about pleasure so you must tell me if it crosses the line.”

I had mentioned I’d been curious about anal sex the first time we’d spoken on the phone. A shy response to your question about my experience level. Nothing had ever come of it but you’d allowed me to explore the desires in my alone play time. I’d worked up to being able to use a dildo, and enjoyed the sensation, but you hadn’t expressed an interest in using me in that way.

One hand tugged at one cheek, exposing the entrance to your gaze. I felt the drizzle of oil run down the crack and then your finger rubbing it around the tight opening. I held my breath and waited but you didn’t immediately push your way in. You teased the edges of the hole until I felt that there were long cords of pleasure running from my ass to my clit. I wanted to squirm, to push back against your finger, to beg you to slide your finger in. More oil, more play and still you left me wanting.

A sharp smack on my cheek let me know that my tension had not escaped you. It was just a warning, a way to remind me who was in charge. I forced myself to relax, to await your pleasure. Finally I felt your finger slip in, pushing past the tight ring slowly. “Good, I see that the toy has helped ready you for me. I knew my curious little cat would not be able to resist playing.” You worked your finger in and out, adding more of the oil to lube me up in preparation. When I felt the second finger join the first I tensed slightly, “Relax and remember, pleasure, not pain.” Both fingers slid in with a slow glide and I felt the stretching, the slight twinge, but my ass accepted them.

“Such a good angel. I’ve brought you a new toy for tonight. A little bigger than yours and you’ll be able to wear it out in public for me.” Removing your fingers you replaced them with a cold glass tip that I felt you work in. It did stretch me more than my dildo, more than your two fingers, but not too much. You moved my body, pushing my legs forward and leaving my ass spread to your sight. I heard the sound of your hands grasping and stroking, spreading oil around your cock. I bit back a moan as I pictured you in my mind, caressing yourself, feeling both the pleasure and the anticipation.

When you slid the toy from me, I knew it was time. Your knees nudged the back of mine as you got on the bed behind me. The head of your cock soon nestled between my cheeks, rubbing against my hole. “Ready angel?” Without waiting for a response your hips began to push forward. It felt much thicker than any of the toys, spreading the opening, pushing at the ring of muscle. I felt the pain stronger now but not unbearable as you pushed in. You grasped my hips now, continuing your progress, filling me tight with your cock. I could hear your sounds of pleasure which made me even more aroused.

When you had filled me completely you groaned. “There angel, you’ve got all of me. And what a lovely sight it is, your ass stretched around my cock. Such a nice tight ass gripping me. ” I felt so full and any sign of pain was fading quickly. Now I wanted more, I wanted to feel that slide again, to feel you pulling out and then pushing back down deep into me. “Now that you’re so nice and open to me, I am going to fuck you good.” The growl in your voice sent shivers down my spine and I almost purred as you pulled back out.

My ass seemed so empty as you withdrew, hungry for more and you gave it to me. First slow deliberate strokes, almost all the way out then burying yourself again. Each one seemed to drive me higher, push me toward some hidden precipice. Hands now gripping me harder you moved faster, sliding in and out more easily, you began to fuck me in earnest. I wanted to beg you for more; to beg you to pound my ass but I couldn’t. I was so wet I could feel the dampness of the sheets beneath me.

A final deep thrust and you held there, your cock pulsing. I felt each spasm as you came inside me. The thought of me being filled with your cum sent another wave of want through me. I was so very close to the edge it would have taken very little to push me over. As your own orgasm eased you slide one finger beneath me and pressed hard against my clit, making me cum. What an odd and hot feeling, the tightening of my body around you as I came. You slid from my body and lay next to me, reaching up to remove the hand cuffs. “You were very good Angel. I hope you enjoyed it my curious cat because we most certainly will be doing that again.”

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