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Big Night In Part II

November 23, 2009

Part II — originally posted (and written) by me on Fetlife.

Feeling your muscles relax, I eased my thumb in further, at the same time giving your balls a squeeze. Pressing my face against your back I nuzzled your spine as I eased my thumb out and in. When I sensed you were comfortable with the thumb I slipped it out gently then applied more lube, now using two fingers to press into your ass, stretching you further. Moisture was beginning to pool between my legs as I watched my fingers disappear into your ass.

I eased over you, running my hands along your shirt, bunching and unbunching it, feeling your muscles through the satin. My fingers continued to piston in and out of your ass, spreading the lube while I moved myself more into position. My clit was throbbing and I couldn’t wait for the moment when I grabbed your hips and slid home. Sliding my fingers out completely, I reached for the dildo, dragging the head along the crack of your ass. With my other hand I pulled your cheeks apart, exposing your sexy hole. “Look at your ass, spread out and waiting for me to fill it. Are you hungry for it?” I asked as I slid the head into place, pushing forward just enough to hold me in place. You groaned softly at the pressure, heavier than before, and gave a barely heard “Yes.”

Pushing forward slowly I watch the head pressing in, opening you. Easing my hands down, I grasped your hips with one hand while I slid the other into the front of the half-off panties, finding your cock oozing precum. “Tell me what you want, baby. Let me hear it.” I paused, letting you get used to the stretch. “Fuck me.”, you growled. “fuck my ass hard.” Satisfied with your answer, l drove my hips forward, slow but steadily. Watching as your ass seemed to suck me in hungrily, the head pushed past the ring, making the slide home easier. Your cock was throbbing in my hand as inch after inch filled your ass. It didn’t take but a moment to bury myself deep. Feeling my hips brush your cheeks I threw my head back in triumph. “Good boy, look at you take it all. Now let go of your skirt.”

You dropped your arms immediately, bracing yourself on the floor, pushing your ass back against me. Though the skirt fell between us, covering your beautiful ass, the view of me fucking you in your skirt was even more tantalizing. I growled in satisfiaction as I gripped both hips hard and gave a rough thrust with my hips. I could wait no longer, and I pulled the cock out half-way only to bury it back in your ass immediately. You began to push your ass against me in time with my thrusts, your moans of pleasure getting louder. I ran a hand over your cheek as I fucked you, then gave it a hard smack. I felt the vibration from the slap echo through your ass as I began to fuck you with hard driving strokes.

I watched as you bit your lip, knowing you were close to coming. “Stroke your cock while I fuck this ass of yours, I want to watch you cum,” I told you. Quickly you reached down, moving the panties down enough to expose your hard shaft completely. I watched as you grabbed your cock tightly, milking it. The skirt edge hit your cock softly with every stroke, bouncing around you as I fucked you harder. Smacking your ass again I watched your face as your eyes closed and you stroked even faster. I pulled back further as I eased out, almost to the head, then thrust in hard. Longer strokes, harder. Matching your fist stroking. “Oh god, yes, pound my ass,” came your harshly uttered response. I felt your body tense, knowing that your ass was tightening it’s grip on the dildo, then saw the spurts from your cock as you came loudly.

Stroking your back, I smiled softly, as you milked the last drops of cum from your cock. I looked down at the picture we made, your masculinity even more striking against the soft skirt, the bare edge of the dildo visible where it filled your ass. I was already thinking of the next time as I withdrew from your ass. Maybe I’d have to get that school-girl skirt after all. And do more research on dildos and harnesses. Find one with a toy for me as well.

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  1. December 3, 2009 8:21 am

    Not my cup of tea, save for role reversal, but a spicy voice you have. Thanks for the read.

    (note: past and present voice mixed)

    I should like a spicy return with you in the school girl skirt…


    • sweetspice permalink*
      December 5, 2009 11:23 am

      Thanks for the tips.

  2. December 15, 2009 12:01 pm

    *squirm* Yum!

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