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November 13, 2009

So I now know what it’s like to be fleshbotted. It’s pretty damn sexy. And so you can see all the other sexiness: take a look at what follows (if it’s screwed up blame me since this is my first time).

Sex Blog Roundup: Urgency

Do try to hold yourself back. We know that sense of urgency you’re feeling, but you’ll have to go below the cut with AlwaysArousedGirl to read this week’s sexiest blog posts.

A sense of urgency drives us all to the bedroom from time to time, but this week’s group of hot and horny sex bloggers seem particularly keen to make the beast with two backs. They’re so randy that they can’t keep their hands off each other; in fact they don’t even bother to get naked before diving in. Why let a pair of panties — or even jeans — get in the way of a good shag?

You’re feeling that urgency too, aren’t you? Dive on in!


We had sex last night!

My Master loves to watch my cunt stretch with a vibe. My lips cling to the sides of it and drag in and out. He makes me keep my legs wide apart, sometimes telling me to open them further, pushing them apart or kicking them apart sometimes. I am never allowed to close my legs to Him…

EJK’s slave


New chapter?

Then I started at the base of his penis, and licked the length of it, finishing off with a swirl of my tongue around his head. I played around this throbbing head, running my tongue up and down the frenulum, as my left hand pumped his cock, and my right hand was entwined with his hand. Then, when I thought I’d teased him enough, I slid the entire length of his cock into my mouth. His hand swept my hair aside, which had fallen and covered his cock, so he could watch me work my mouth on his cock.



Big Night In (part I)

With my panties off, I held the dildo out of the way as you slid your tongue against my clit, drawing it into your mouth and sucking. “Use your fingers while you suck, fuck my pussy with them.” As you slid your fingers into my pussy, curving them just right, I groaned louder. I grabbed your head and pulled it hard against my pussy, the dildo, freed from my grasp, bounced against your forehead as I pushed against your fingers. I felt myself begin to topple over the edge and I urged you on, wrapping my legs around your back and squeezing tightly as I came.

Spicy with a touch of sweetness


Orgasm Ownership «

“Cum. Cum for your Master.”

It ripped through me the second he spoke and his eyes seemed to be drinking me in as i dripped and shuddered before him. The possessive heat of his gaze branded every inch of me as his property as i came on the floor, with only his hand touching my hair. When my pussy stopped clenching and i was able to breathe again he still didn’t let go of my hair or look away from my eyes.

Puppy Tales…


A Real Man?

She begged me to fuck her. She said I could have any hole I wanted. She bent right over the bed with her legs spread as far as she could get them, exposing herself to me. Her tight little asshole and glistening wet cunt, mine for the taking. She pleaded for my cock, “Please I need to feel your cock inside of me. Please fuck me now!” I chose her cunt and entered her in one hard thrust.

“Oh, fuck yes”, she gasped, “I need you to fuck me harder then I’ve ever been fucked before.”

Sweat Shop Sissy



Jan used her free hand to help and once her trousers were round her ankles she managed to release her throbbing cock. She wasted no time and thrust roughly into Lizzie’s hot, open cunt as they both lost themselves in desire.

Butch Femme BDSM


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