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Sample Size

November 12, 2009

Okay so I broke 100 on my pegging poll! This is exciting, especially in light of the fact that I got little actual discussion response from the questions. Which is expected since they’re like – questions. I get that people either don’t want to spend time answering questions, or don’t have time to answer questions. I’m a bit disappointed because I really like the idea of gathering some actual data, albeit mostly anecdotal, about the kink lifestyle. But I did get some data, so I’m going to share it with you.

Note: This is where my geeky side shall rear her head. Feel free to ignore her.
Sample size: 100 – this is not going to be an accurate portrayal of “society”, it’s very biased since people that find my blog are either kinky friends, other sex bloggers, people that follow me on twitter (yeah they’re kinky too). So keep that in mind when you look at the numbers.

Pegging Numbers Table Text
The pie charts (ooooh yes I put in pie charts) show that there were some slight differences between how males and females answered the question.

Female Pegged graph Male pegged graph

One observation is that men seem more likely to act on the fantasy than women, with slightly more women intrigued by the idea than the number of women actually having engaged. This could be because men seem more action oriented. Kind of interesting when to it seems that many men (probably not those likely to be labeled “kinky”) see any kind of anal play as “teh gay”. This is really where some discussion would help. Is this still really as taboo a subject as it was many years ago? Here we could digress into social mores but I’ll refrain.

So ends my first attempt at bringing a little “research” into my kinks. Please remember folks this is all MY observations and analysis of the numbers. Feel free to disagree, comment, etc.

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