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Big Night In (part I)

November 7, 2009

This is a story I wrote but only posted on fetlife, but with the talk about pegging, I thought it would be appropriate here.

The store was crowded when I stepped in. Several other women clustered around one of the racks, while another pair stood ready to check out at the cash register. I wandered about aimlessly, flipping through clothes. I found several outfits I’d like to come back and buy, but today wasn’t about me. I stepped around the exiting pair of girls, noting that they were holding hands happily. I’d heard that the salespeople made everyone feel comfortable here and obviously I’d made a great choice. My fingers slid against the silk, pausing to slip my fingers behind lace, imagining the look against soft white skin. Still, I knew that what I really wanted wouldn’t be that easily found. Soon the ladies, evidently planning a bridal shower, headed out of the store with their purchases. The sales girl stepped up and asked if I needed help. Pretty thing she was, a little edgy, but a big smile. I explained what I would be needing to purchase for my planned evening.

The sales girl motioned me to follow her into the back room of the shop, behind heavy curtains marked no admittance. “Is this what you’re looking for?” she asked, pointing to a wall of very sexy outfits and lingerie. I smiled as I looked over the wonderful clothes, all meant to specifically mold to a male’s body. “Oh yes, this is exactly what I want.” I said. I’d already seen exactly what I wanted: I passed over the school-girl plaid skirt and went straight for the flirty skirt in vibrant red. I could see it covering your bottom, falling to mid thigh to dance around as you walked. Nearby was a satin button up shirt that would work with or without breasts. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go for the falsies at this point, maybe later. But I was very interested in the matching bra and panty set. The cute little ties on the side of the hips cinched the deal for me. I could see myself pushing up against you, rubbing your cock through your panties, feeling your nipples beneath the satin. Those little ties would make access to your ass sinfully easy. “I’ll take these, but I’ll need the smallest bra for now. I may be back for a larger one, we’ll see.”

I smiled wickedly as I stepped through the door, hearing the sound of the shower. Perfect timing I thought as I stepped into the bedroom, I swapped your already laid out clothes for my recent purchases. Grabbing my own “outfit”, I headed to the guest room for my own shower, already wet in anticipation. I knew I wouldn’t need to tell you what I expected. The clothes would be a hint all their own. I ordered in dinner as I passed through the living room, trying to decide if I’d be making you answer the door. Quickly washing up, I moaned as the wash cloth passed over my already swollen clit. No time I thought, I knew that you’d be done in the shower already. Quickly slipping into the harness I’d brought I adjusted the straps around my waist and thighs. I pulled on my underwear over it, tucking the dildo inside, upright, knowing you’d see the bulge. This was a recent purchase, and was obviously different than the previous toy I’d used on you. This would also be your first experience with the strap-on. I quickly threw on my pants and a very soft sweater, loving the feel against my hard nipples.

I heard the door to our bedroom open as I stepped into the living room. I watched as you came out barefoot, but completely dressed. Your eyes were already glowing with anticipation and I could see your cock pushing against your panties as you stepped toward me. Looking over me, your eyes widened when they took in the size of the dildo hidden under my pants. Moving in, I kissed you, pulling your head down to me, taking complete control. Seeing you in that skirt had me close to Cumming already but I wanted it to last. I slid around behind you, letting my fingers caress your ass as I admired it. I flipped up the skirt and looked my fill, loving the way the satin cupped your cheeks. I ran my finger down the crack of your ass, and then pressed in tight, rubbing my fake cock against you, letting you feel it. I’m sure I felt you shiver in delight.

“You look so hot; I’m creaming my panties completely. I need you to take the edge off now.” I sat down on the edge of the couch, and motioned you over. Pointing at the floor, I told you to kneel putting your mouth level with my pussy. Slipping my fingers in your hair, I tugged your face closer, until I had you right up against my clit. “Suck me,“ I said, “through my panties.” I moaned as you followed my command, nipping at the lips, trying to nudge your way into to reach my clit. Unable to stand it any longer I told you to take my panties off, and watched as you slowly uncovered the head of the dildo. I’d bought a much more realistic one this time, so you’d feel every ridge.

With my panties off, I held the dildo out of the way as you slid your tongue against my clit, drawing it into your mouth and sucking. “Use your fingers while you suck, fuck my pussy with them.” As you slid your fingers into my pussy, curving them just right, I groaned louder. I grabbed your head and pulled it hard against my pussy, the dildo, freed from my grasp, bounced against your forehead as I pushed against your fingers. I felt myself begin to topple over the edge and I urged you on, wrapping my legs around your back and squeezing tightly as I came.

I waited for the tremors to subside before I released you from the grip of my thighs, still holding you near with my hands in your hair. As I sat upright on the couch, the dildo slid down and hit your face. “Like it,” I asked? “It’s larger than the other,” you said cautiously. “You’ve been easily able to take that one, I think you’ll like how full you’ll feel with this one.” I could see a little nervousness on your face, but I could also see how hard your cock was throbbing. I slid my foot against your thigh, sliding it up under your skirt. Slipping the arch of my foot over your cock, I rubbed it back and forth through the satin panties.

I pulled out the lube I’d placed on the couch earlier and handed it to you. “Get me good and greased up because I can’t wait to see that ass bent over in front of me.” Squeezing out a gob you spread it over the cock, stroking it as if it were real. I could tell you were measuring it, trying to get used to the idea of it being buried in your ass. “Good boy, now, turn around. Yes, like that, now, on your knees.” I looked at the picture you made, on your knees, with your sexy ass covered by that little bit of skirt. So tempting, I reached out and slapped one cheek, watching the skirt dance.

Once more I smacked your ass, harder this time. “Ease the skirt up, I want to see your ass in those panties.” Gripping the skirt you gathered it in your hands and pulled it up to your waist. I smiled and rubbed my hand over your panty-covered ass, sliding my fingers under the top edge to rub along the crack. I couldn’t wait any longer, grabbing the strings on one side, I untied the panties, letting them drop and exposing your ass just enough. I pushed your back, forcing you to lean down toward the floor. Now I could get right where I wanted.

Grabbing the lube, I greased up my fingers, sliding them down the crack, rubbing the lube against your asshole, moving down further to caress your balls, still covered by the panties. Using one hand to pull on your cheeks, exposing your hole, I spread a bit more lube right on the opening, pushing it in, working my finger around just inside. Once I had enough lube there, I slid my fingers down to cup your balls, leaving my thumb free to begin pushing its way into your ass. I could feel your balls tighten as I forced my thumb in beyond the ring. I held it there, waiting for you to relax into it, knowing it wouldn’t take long.

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  1. Kelley permalink
    November 8, 2009 7:12 am

    Oooooh, can’t wait to read part 2. 🙂

  2. Matt permalink
    November 8, 2009 8:53 pm

    Definitely got me hot and bothered. 😉

    If you do want critical comments, I’ll have to do it later… haha, that sounds dirtier than it is. Just don’t have the energy right now.

    Added you on FetLife, BTDubya…

  3. November 9, 2009 12:14 pm

    Ooooh. *squirm* That has me all sorts of squirming at work.


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