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Hard To Believe

October 14, 2009

But it really has almost been a year since I started this blog. I do plan on having a contest so if you know cool people that want to offer prizes *grin*. I’ve got until the end of December so you might get a little extra something in your stocking this year. I’ve even got an idea for the contest! I don’t do reviews so I don’t have cool toy companies to hook up with. But I’ve been doing a little research. I really think I’d
like to do book reviews.

I mean how perfect is that? I write, so that means I read like a writer. I not only notice things like damn that made me hot, but I see the way the story is woven. Well, let’s face it, sometimes I let myself get distracted by the way the story is woven. I’ll catch myself stopping and looking at how we got to that point in the book and my brain will be off on a tangent. “I could do that in a story like…” Oh yeah, I was reading a book wasn’t I. So reviewing erotica would be a win-win for me.

But anyway, I still can’t believe it’s almost a year. I must thank you all because you all are the ones who inspire me. I’d start mentioning you but I don’t think we’ve got the days it would require to read it. Suffice it to say that all my twitter friends, you participants in MFM, HNT, the reviewers, the ones that describe their daily sexual adventures. You’ve made this all a fun journey. I’ve got some plans for the future, including trying to do a naughty read-aloud, with me doing the reading. Plus NaNoWriMo is coming up and damnit, this year I really need to finish the novel I’m working on.

I want to do more poetry and expand a bit on my stories. I’ve got so many “serials” started that I haven’t finished, but I seem to keep finding new ones I want to write about. I need to do more short quick ones because I’m a bad girl (somebody spank me) and sometimes write nothing other than Microfantasies. Which are great fun, but my blog sits idle the rest of the week. I’ve had two people say they never have fantasies written FOR them. And man I could think of some involving them easily. Someone else mentioned a desire to have my write a fantasy of us meeting, I’m sure that one will involved a little cock sucking. Or a lot of it.

So much to write. I’ll be working on doing more of that this year. If I forget, you have my permission to remind me. Over the knee would be nice. Alright, I should be sleeping instead of rambling, and I feel another story coming on. And to avoid the confusion of time-travel, I’m going to post the story (poem) first. Just so you know. I’m good like that!

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