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Computer Trouble

October 8, 2009

I sat at the computer, watching the chat scroll by, occasionally clicking on a link. I loved my job but lately it seemed I had way too much time on my hands. Click. Damn, that one is blocked too. I grumbled to myself a bit, silly IT blocking the not safe for work sites. It wasn’t like I wasn’t getting my job done, it was just that there was less that needed to be done. I tried to find work, offered to help out wherever. I did a lot of surfing these days, when I could get to sites. Click. Of course, that one too. They must be bored up there too to be such kill joys. I was glad I didn’t work up there.

Although there was this one guy, he was the big boss. Quite a bit older than me but there was something attractive about him. The other guy I saw a lot of though – so not my type. I suppose he wasn’t bad looking, he just irked me. He wasn’t that much older than me, but he acted like he was half-dead. He was kind of a kill joy, always talking about cracking down on safety, following protocols. I understood all that but there had to be time for fun too. I mean he wasn’t THAT old that he’d forgotten what fun was surely. I decided a walk would do me some good since obviously I wasn’t getting anywhere with surfing today.

I wandered down to the break room to see what kind of goodies got left there and of course who should I see. I sighed and almost turned around to go back to my desk, but he saw me before I could. I reached around to grab a donut as he informed me that he needed to see me about the computer request I’d put in for an upgrade. I shrugged and followed as he lead the way to his office. His office was as dry and boring as he was, completely lacking in personality. I sat down on the stiff chair, nibbling the donut, as he closed the door behind himself.  Sitting down he turned the monitor so I could see it too. He explained that they had a tracking program. Every time someone ran into one of the internet security roadblocks it logged it, and the site they were trying to get to.

I swallowed nervously. I figured they logged stuff but I didn’t think they actually looked at it unless asked. Maybe this was how they got their jolly’s. He pointed out the number of times my name appeared. Turning to me he said, “Normally we’d go right to the boss with this. You’d be fired. But seeing how you’re so interested in dirty pictures I’m going to give you a little break.” He began unbuttoning his pants, by the time the zipper was down I was on my feet. “Hell no,” I said. “If I was going to work this out with anyone, it’d be your boss.” I turned to walk out the door, only to see his boss coming through the door. He leered at me, “Funny you should mention that,” he commented. “And since you asked so nicely, you can get on your knees and suck my dick.”

I blinked, wondering when my day had gotten so out of control. I felt hands at my waist, undoing my pants, and I protested. “You don’t want to lose your job do you? Besides, I’ve been tracking you, you like sex and haven’t been getting any. We’re doing you a favor. Now, get your mouth on me like a good girl.” His hand pulled me down even as the guy behind me pushed my pants down around my knees. I soon found myself facing his cock as he freed it from confinement. I felt fingers pushing into my pussy roughly, and found myself getting aroused by the situation. At least I could hear the snap of rubber, telling me he was using protection. They seemed to get the timing down perfectly, each one thrusting in at the same time. I tried once more to push myself off to no avail. My hands were tucked up behind my back while the boss held my by the shoulders, shoving into my mouth.

“Here,” he said as I felt something drop against my back. “Get her hands wrapped so she can’t move them.” Now I was completely helpless. I gagged as I felt him shove deeper in, edging against the back of my throat. He groaned and began ramming harder, forcing more and more of his cock in. Behind me hands were bruising my hips as he held on and fucked me hard. He might be boring on the outside but he had a thick cock and I felt every inch as he pistoned in and out. Unlike the porn movies I watched, these guys came in no time at all. I couldn’t breathe as cock was pushed into my throat and held there, squirting out blasts of cum. The guy behind me almost lifted me off the floor with his last thrust, nails digging into my skin as he came.

As soon as they were done, the pulled out, leaving me to fall face first on the floor. Neither bothered to pull their pants up. I could hear one of them at the keyboard and the other had moved to the couch to sit down. Soon the sounds of porn filled the room. I tried to roll over but was stopped by a foot against my back. “Just stay there like a good girl. We’re not done with you yet.” I lay there, pussy completely exposed and shivering as I waited for what would come next. It was hard to admit, even to myself, but I was definitely turned on.

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  1. October 8, 2009 12:25 pm

    I got scared for a second that this really happened it was going to take a turn for the worse. So glad it’s part of your wickedly delicious erotica!

    • sweetspice permalink*
      October 8, 2009 12:30 pm

      *grin* Well you never know what they track. But we’ve got creepy guys in our IT department. I’d rather get fired. But I’m very happy you enjoyed it!

  2. October 8, 2009 1:12 pm

    mmm.. yummy story.

  3. thepinkpoppet permalink
    October 9, 2009 8:00 pm

    Wasn’t sure which way this was going at first, but turns out it went pretty well. Tee-hee.

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