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The Pleasure Planet

September 9, 2009

After a rough touch-down I was glad to be getting planet-side. I’d heard rumors that this planet was very open and free, intermingling with any and every alien culture. Made me think of the pleasure planet on that old show they had on the box. Still seemed odd that people actually watched a box – now most of the shows were projected straight in to the visual cortex. I stretched, feeling the suit adjusting against my skin. This time I wasn’t part of the crew – I was here for my vacation and I’d dressed accordingly.

I looked around the plaza, the sim-skin suit shimmering and rolling with colors. I was glad I’d chosen the one-piece shorts suit. A touch on the seam slid the top open a bit more, revealing much of my breasts. I might as well advertise since I was here to look for fun. Ahead, I saw a perfect specimen. My eyes caressed the gold-hued skin, and I felt a purr rumble through my chest. Thick bare nipples were pierced with large hoops, a chain sliding through them then draping over his neck. I imagined sliding out of my suit and letting my short fur rub against his body. With a swish of my tail I headed toward my prey of the day.

Microfantasy Monday – extra terrestrial. Brought to you by Sweltering Celt

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  1. September 12, 2009 12:06 am

    I like the new banner :o)

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