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It’s Twins! (Contests That Is)

August 17, 2009

Bad Bad Girl has been at it for 3 great years with a wonderful blog and wants to mark this special occasion! To help celebrate, she’s got lots of goodies to give away! Two great contests, and here are the rules. Make SURE you read all the way to the end, all the great stuff that you can win is there! Plus a link to my wishlist, in case you want to know what I want!. *Grin*. Remember to enter and tell all your friends because we want a chance to win ALL the prizes!

Contest #1

How to get an entry (you can do both):

1. Post the details of the contest on your blog, saying something wonderful about me along with the list/links of prizes up for grabs. You will need this paragraph (from ‘Drawings’ to the last prize). (you must leave me a comment here so I know you did it)

2. Email me a picture wishing me a happy blog anniversary I will post it on my anniversary. badbadgirlx (at) gmail (dot) com (Nudity is greatly appreciated)

See, I’m easy. (As if you didn’t know!!) I MAY add a third way half way thru, stay tuned for that!

Here’s the things up for grabs and the fantastic vendors who are supplying some of the best, coolest and my favorite items.

Adam&EveSilicon Dream Cock, 16oz bottle of Adam&Eve Signature Lube, DVD- Bree’s Big Campout, DVD- Hello Nurse, and DVD-World of Sexual Variations 2

TabuToysCarmen Electra’s Stripper Pole

BabelandHitachi Magic Wand and 1 oz Rocketbalm

Eden FantasysBandito, 1 oz Eros Light Love Lube, Cock and Ball Rings


Contest #2
The Grand Fucking Prize

Well here’s the Grand Fucking Prize.

The AMAZING folks at wanna help me celebrate this awesome occasion with (what I think is) the biggest fucking prize giveaway in SexBlogger history. (Correct me if I’m wrong). The prize is progressive, meaning the more people enter the contest, the bigger it gets. You need to do all 4 steps to get an entry. I may add a second way to get an entry for this later- so stay tuned.

Here’s what you do:

Last month I set up a wishlist over at the and I posted it on this site. That’s what you need to do.

1. Write a blog post about my contest with a link to this post. (This is done if/when you post for the Drawings) Yes, you gotta have a blog! Protected blogs (including Facebook and myspace) will be excluded.

My suggestion is that you do a post which includes all the prizes in the Grand Fucking Prize to encourage more people to enter to get the prize bigger!

2. Go to and set up a wishlist.

a. Sign in/ Create an account.

b. Click around to all the things you want and add them to your wishlist.

look for this —> Add to wishlist

3. Write a second blog post talking about your wishlist over at eXtremeRestraints with a link. Share it with your friends, maybe someone will buy you a gift!!!

4. Leave me a comment here with the link to your post about your wishlist.

For every wishlist, the prize gets bigger. For example, if 38 people create a wishlist, then the prize is everything on this list up to the Trinity Pocket Rocket. So you want to do this on your blog, and you want your friends to do this on thier blogs. Did you see what is on the list for the 100th signup?? Yeah- a fucking machine!!

Don’t worry, if you just have no place to store the fucking machine, I’ll be HAPPY to take it off your hands.

Here’s what you can win as the entries increase:

Sign-ups Item Retail


Electrogasm $45.00


Ratan Cane $11.50


Trinity Silicone Butt Plug Kit $38.00


Trinity Pink Waterproof Rabbit $18.95


Orgasmic Vibrating Cock Ring $8.00


Luv Balls $26.00


The Sunset Plug $17.99


Strict Leather Flogger $165.00


Clit Enhance Pump Kit $114.00


Vibrating Silver Bullet $8.50


Vibrating Remote Control 7 speed egg $47.95


Leather Blindfold with Velcro Closure $16.50


Strict Leather Locking Thigh Cuffs $76.00


Trinity 7 Speed Vibrating Silicon Butt Plug $28.95


Delux Digital Power Box $130.00


Trinity Pocket Rocket Massager $14.00


Trinity Heart Throb Glass Dildo $28.00


The Love Pacifier $14.99


Strict Leather 4 Foot Leash $18.00


Vibrating Lipstick $26.00


Hitachi Magic Wand $49.95


Ball Gag Training System $15.00


Trinity Rosebud G Vibrator $22.50


Strict Leather Punishment Strap $37.50


Bondage Tape $7.95


Strict Leather Studded Paddle $48.00


Clit Clamp with Bell $10.00


Strict Leather Low Rise Leather Collar $48.00


The Love Seat $99.95


Premium Bondage Rope Nylon 10ft $12.00


Wartenburg Wheel $9.50


The Anal Hook $78.95


Tower of Pain $88.00


Strict Leather Forced Orgasm Belt $78.00


The Curvy Steel Dildo $95.00


The Power Box Fucking Machine $449.00

I know, I was pretty floored by this awesome prize too! The whole prize package is worth around $2000!!!

So write it, click it, do it!! Encourage your friends to do it. I would LOVE for someone to win all this stuff. eXtremeRestraints ships worldwide, in case you were wondering so do it. I will announce the winner on September 13th.

Good luck. Happy wishing!!

My Wishlist
You made it to the end. Aren’t those two great contests? Make sure you enter BOTH and tell your friends. And without further ado, here it is – what you’ve been waiting for!My wishlist.

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