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Late Night Swim

August 13, 2009

Grasping the glass in my hand I stared out the window. I sipped slowly, tasting the salty bite of the margarita on my tongue. Behind me, I heard the evidence of what I was studiously avoiding looking at. The splashing and laughter carried through the house. Soon feet came wetly running through the house. Toby reached me and gave me a big squeeze. “Hey mom, we’re going to shower and head out. We’ll probably stay in town because it will be too late to drive when the concert is over.” He ducked past me before I could return his hug. I waited for the last of the noise faded, before I headed toward the kitchen to refill my glass.

I pulled out one of the casseroles from the freezer, warming it in the microwave, knowing that the kids would finish off the left overs the next day. As I moved around the room, I heard the last of the slamming doors. With a roar of engines, they were all off and the house was quiet again. Now I could relax. Temptation had moved well beyond my reach, thank goodness. Plate of food and my 2nd refill in hand, I headed out to the quiet of the yard.

I set everything down on the table in the gazebo, thought about lighting the lamp, but decided it wasn’t worth the bugs. The pool lights were enough to give the yard a faint glow. I could at least eat my dinner. I was eating slowly, head down, when I heard a splash. Startled, I looked up, and saw the very thing that was tempting me. Flashing through the water was sex in the form of my son’s friend. I’d been avoiding him as much as possible since my son had brought him home to stay for the spring vacation. Most of the time it wasn’t a problem, since they were staying in the little guest house. But after seeing him getting out of the pool once, I made it a point to stay away from any of their outdoor activities.

I held still, knowing it was too dark for him to see me, although he was beautifully back lit. I watched as his muscles rippled, his strong arms pulling him out of the water. Grabbing his towel of the nearby chair, he rubbed himself down. I watched unabashedly, the alcohol and darkness, making me bold. I stared as his rub-down began to have an affect on his cock. As he slid the towel down his legs, I saw the beginning of a hard on. God I wanted to touch it, taste it. He dropped the towel to the ground, and began to untie his shorts, heading to the outdoor shower.

I was standing before I could help myself, still moving carefully. I eased out around the edge of the gazebo, hidden by the shrubbery surrounding it. He was naked, slipping the shorts off his feet as he turned on the water. He grabbed the soap that hung there, and began soaping himself up. Lather covered his chest, and stomach. When he reached his cock, he slowed down, caressing instead of scrubbing. Before my eyes his cock stretched until it stood at full attention.

His hands stroked up his cock, sliding up and off, before starting back at the base. One hand following the other, over and over. His eyes closed and I could see the pleasure clearly etched in his face. Soon one hand changed stroking, gripping tighter, now sliding up and down. His hips pushed in time, his other hand cupping his sack as he stroked. I moaned softly, biting my lip to keep from crying out. I could no more have moved at that moment then I could have flown to the moon, the expression on his face, the stroking hands; all held me transfixed.

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  1. Mina permalink
    August 13, 2009 10:20 pm

    This is wonderfully erotic!


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