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Bus Ride Home

August 12, 2009

Okay, I’m kind of getting into this whole exhibitionism/voyeurism theme. Damn you Ang! Not quite a MFM but it IS on the theme. Maybe I’ll go all week with this. And for the record, I’m much more comfortable as a voyeur.

I climbed the steps of the bus slowly. It had been a very long day, and I could already see that there would be no place to sit down. Standing room only, I squeezed myself into a spot where I could grab hold of the bar overhead. Since I wasn’t able to dig out my book, I let my mind wander. At least this bus was full of others like me: business people commuting from the big city to the small communities outside it. I’d been on full buses before that weren’t quite as nicely packed as this one.

I looked over the men in their sharp business suits. Some nicer than others. There were definitely some sexy men on here. I graded each one on the Switch curve. Yes, that one. I’d love to tie him down and lick his chocolate caramel skin all over – from his bald head to his tight ass. Oh and that one, I knew I’d be on my knees in front of him. He had that presence that said “You will obey”.

My hands clenched on the bar above me, holding on as the bus swayed. I imagined rope, wrapping around the bar, around my wrist. Holding me stretched. Jostled from behind, I peeked back and saw more sexy. Muscles under his shirt, thick enough to give me a good pounding. I closed my eyes and imagined him, pushing in even closer. My skirt wouldn’t be easy to lift, but it would be possible.

I pictured myself, sandwiched between him and the man I thought of as Sir. Trying to hide as the rest of the crowd in the bus looked on. I could feel the eyes on my as my shirt was opened, bra pulled down. Eyes that traced the skin of my hips as rough hands ripped the sides of my panties. Eyes that watched as a hard cock was pushed in roughly from behind, while teeth scraped my bared nipples.

I imagined the hands, other hands, touching me. Other eyes, watching, stroking cocks, waiting. I moaned at the thought of all those eyes, caressing my flushed skin, dancing along the slick trail that ran down the inside of my thighs. They’d watch and wait their turn, always leaving me wanting more. The jolt of the bus pulled me from my dream, losing my footing, I found myself saved. I looked into the eyes of the man I’d noticed, the obviously commanding presence. He smiled slightly. “You alright now?” he said, with a knowing look.

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