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August 11, 2009

MFM – part II. Dang it, this one had me coming up with all sorts of ideas. I might be posting all week. As always, big love to Ang for the theme: exhibitionism/voyeurism.

Driving her car down the street her nipples were peeked with anticipation. She’d been looking forward to this day all week. Most people would hate this errand for the boss but she looked forward to it, even dressed for the occassion. Always a dress or a skirt, high heels. Today was a button down shirt-dress. As usual she’d foregone the panties and hose. Dainty straps covered her feet, held up by the tall spike heels. She pulled in to the car wash, waving gaily to the guys. There seemed to be more than usual working. She smirked to herself. Maybe they knew she always drove through at the same time.

Once enclosed in the machine, she worked quickly. Covered from easy sight of the customers, there was still some possibility of being seen by those workers on the other side of the glass. She unbuttoned the shirt, moving the bra out of the way as she began tweaking her nipples. A slight gasp fell from her lips as she slid the other hand down to shove the dress out of the way. She needed this, sliding her fingers down, pushing them between the outer lips to find her swollen clit. Throwing her head back at the sensation, she glimpsed many pairs of eyes watching her from beyond the glass and smiled happily through the soap bubbles.

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  1. August 25, 2009 5:08 pm

    Wow! I so want to be at that carwash! Well written!

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