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The Pirate’s Pet.

July 6, 2009

By special request. It’s a little bit more “fantasy” than my usual settings so bear with me.

The three prisoners stood together. Arms tied behind their backs, burlap bags covering their heads. “We found them snooping around as we were loading the cargo, Captain.” I strode closer, boots echoing against the deck. “Anyone see you?” I asked as studied the captives. “Nah,” the mate said around a wad of chewing tobacco. “Nary a soul but these blokes.” I walked around, inspecting each of them, studying their clothes and boots. “Alright. Take them to the brig then. Where there are a few rats, there may be more. Give the command to weigh anchor. Anyone not on board in an hour will be swimming to the Island.”

I watched dispassionately as the men were led roughly toward the stairs to below decks. Cocking my head I admired the way the last one walked. “Wait. That last one. Take him to my quarters and secure him. I’ll question him later.” I turned back to the activity, watching as crew members scurried up the rigging. Once we were underway, I’d make time to go down and check on the prisoner. He could wait until then.

It was several hours later when I made my way down the steps to my cabin. I bit into the apple left over from my dinner as I opened the door to my cabin. The prisoner had been tied to my bed, a limb fastened securely to each of the posts. All that had been left him was his pants and a blindfold. He moved his head to follow me as I entered, walking over to set my hat down upon a dresser. I could see his muscles strain as he pulled against the rope that tied him. I would enjoy using that strength for my own whims.

I eased out of the outer jacket, the whisper of silk on silk sound loud in the cabin. Carefully I slid free the handkerchief that held my hair back and shook my head. The long tresses fell about my shoulder, a relief after being held up all day. I seldom made my sex overly visible. Even though the crew knew, it was good to give them a semblance of normalcy. However, I didn’t think the prisoners knew. He was probably thinking the worst.

I pulled my knife from the belt at my waist, taking the strop from my bedside I set down on the chair, boots on the bed, and began sharpening it. The man on my bed struggled against the bounds, probably very familiar with the sound. I stopped and smiled, then used the tip of the knife to lightly graze his stomach. Immediately he flinched, but not before a slim line of red marred his tight abdomen. Flick. A button from his pants popped free with a quick movement of the knife. Flick. Flick. His whole body was tensed, evading both the knife and what he thought was to come.

Flick. The last button slipped free and his pants spread wide. Wide enough that I could see a thick thatch of hair peeking out. I trailed the knife down, using it to spread the pants open more. I debated cutting them off completely but wanted to play a bit more before I revealed my prize. Now the knife edged its way up, toying with ribs before I touched just the tip to a nipple. I watched as his nipple hardened slightly then glanced down to see that his trousers had moved apart more – revealing a growing thickness.

I leaned down and whispered into his ear – “What gave me away?” “You smell of woman,” he growled. “Mmm,” I murmured thoughtfully, applying pressure with the knife. “But I wear no perfume, no fancy soaps.” He sucked in a breath, trying not to move as he muttered “You do not smell of sweat as a man would. There is a sweetness to your skin.” Moving my knife from the turgid nipple I gave a small lick, tasting the blood I’d drawn. “Well, I suppose it’s good you know. Perhaps you will be happier to be of service.”

I clenched his nipple between my teeth and sucked, almost nursing on the few drops of blood left. I smiled at the look on his face. He could not help but want what I offered, but he struggled against it just the same. I moved down, sliding the knife under the edge of his pants, running it along the hip to find the seam. Rip. The cloth and threads holding the pants closed came free as I used the knife to slice the leg open from hip to ankle. I followed through on the other side quickly, leaving his pants in tatters but his cock free.

I cocked my head as I looked at him. It was still a question as to whether he was bowed enough to use without worry. I wasn’t quite sure yet if he’d still fight me to get free. In the days to come there would be time to teach him to enjoy the taste of me. To want only to please me. For now, I would take my pleasure. Besides, I knew there was a fierceness to my mood that would serve me well as I used him this first time.

I laid my knife against his cock, leaving the point just touching the tip, more as a warning to be very still, than to harm him. I would not be using the knife on him tonight, unless he displeased me. But I did want him to know it was there. And I would not be afraid to use it. I slid out of my boots first, then quickly removed the rest of my clothes. I watched as his breaths came shallowly. Saw him swallow as he worked very hard not to move. I wonder how still he could be I thought and leaned down to draw my tongue along the shaft. His cock flexed against my tongue, against the knife.

I laughed softly. “You will learn better control than that. But not tonight. I’m already too impatient to ride you.” I picked up the knife and flung it at the wall behind my bed. It thudded into the boards loudly. I straddled his legs, already wet with anticipation. I slid a finger through my folds, teasing the throbbing bud, letting him hear how very moist I was. Soon I was over his cock, positioning it. I moaned as the head slid in, piercing me. I slid down all the way with a groan.

Ahh, the fullness. This is what I’d been needing. I opened my eyes and looked at his face as I rocked back and forth. Even without looking into his eyes, I could see the pleasure etched into his face. I leaned over him and used my tongue to race a path along his chin to his lips. His mouth opened to accept mine, but instead of delving into a full kiss I bit his lip hard. “That’s just a warning. Do not get too caught up in your pleasure. If you come too soon, I’ll turn you over to the less picky of my crew. They don’t mind using pretty boys.”

With that I rose up on his cock, digging my fingers into his side as I began to ride him hard. It didn’t take long to bring me to the edge the first time but before he had a chance to lose it, I slid a hand back and squeezed his cock roughly. His gasp of pain pushed me over the edge and I rode him as the waves crashed over me. I eased off the pressure as I moved slower, caressing his balls before leaning forward. Now I ground my pelvis into his, needing the pressure against my clit. My teeth bit into the muscles of his chest, as I rocked harder.

I could feel him tense under me as his cock swelled further. He was worried about my stopping him again I knew, but I was too absorbed in my own pleasure to reassure him. With my hips tight to his, his cock buried deep, I came again. I didn’t let go until the last of the tremors had passed and smiled to find him still hard inside me. “Very good,” I said as I eased off him. I let my fingers drift over his cock, giving him a short stroke.

Gathering my clothes to get dressed I praised him again. “You know, if you’re a good pet, I may keep you for a while. And I make sure my pets are well treated and I’m not so selfish that I won’t make sure they have pleasure too. Think about that. I’ll be back later, with some food. You’ve earned it.” I whistled jauntily as I adjusted my hat and stepped out to check on the crew.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. July 7, 2009 10:27 am

    yo ho yo ho…..ah to be a pirate… lol

    • Stacy permalink*
      July 13, 2009 3:07 pm

      I’ve got a spot for you in my cabin. Comes with these nice ropes. *wink*

  2. July 11, 2009 8:34 pm

    Oh, very nicely written, sugar. Well done you. 🙂

  3. Foole_of_hearts permalink
    July 22, 2009 12:49 pm

    So where does one have to hang out in order to be captured?

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