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Happy Father’s Day

June 22, 2009

It’s Monday, you know what that means! This week’s Microfantasy theme is daddy. Check out all the other goodness at Sweltering Celt’s. Happy MFM!

The second you walked in the door I started peeling your clothes off. There was nothing gentle about it, in fact I’m sure I heard buttons ping as they hit the floor. I could feel your hardness through your jeans, pushing the denim between my bare legs as I pulled myself up to wrap them around you. Lips met, tongues licked, teeth bit; all with a fierce hunger. Both of us hot now. I slid down and freed you from your pants, loving the visual as I looked up from the cock you’d worn to your breasts barely peeking through. Your fist in my hair pulled my face closer to your crotch, “What’s the occasion? Not that I’m complaining because I love you licking me.” I smiled with a gleam in my eye. “We’re celebrating your first Father’s day. Congratulations daddy.”

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  1. psykotedy permalink
    June 24, 2009 12:44 am

    That was super hot. Almost makes me want to become a daddy. Almost.

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