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The Task – Part II

June 2, 2009

Kelly held the coffee cups out to the side, worried that they might spill. It would have all been much easier if she could have held onto something. She felt very awkward riding like this. Deidre steered the motorcycle through the neighborhoods slowly, keeping the ride smooth. Slowly the houses gave way to warehouses as they moved into a more industrial part of town. More turns brought them to the front of one of the warehouses, with a large garage door that rose at their arrival.

Deidre motored in slowly, coming to a stop and setting the kickstand. Kelly looked around as she waited for Deidre to take the coffees. The space would have made a great loft. If they were in New York. Here however, it was just a warehouse. A very large space, with a few pieces of furniture and some machinery. For all its emptiness, it was clean. It could have felt abandoned but instead there was a vitality to the space.

“What is this place,” Kelly asked as she dismounted. Deidre passed back the coffees and slung her leg over the bike before she answered. “My private space, where I can think, create.” Kelly settled herself on one of the chairs, worn but comfortable. “Create what,” she asked, as she let her eyes wander. Now she realized that drop cloths were covering objects in the corner. She turned back to Deidre who had an excited look in her eyes. Deidre took the coffee from Kelly’s fingers, setting it down on the desktop, then grabbing her hand to pull her up. “C’mon. I’ll show you.”

Deidre lead Kelly over to the drop cloths. “First, you have to close your eyes. No peeking. ” Kelly let her eyes close, feeling a bit vulnerable until Deidre’s arms reached around her from behind. Kelly heard the sound of the cloths being removed with a whoosh but kept her eyes shut. Deidre’s hands grasped Kelly’s, moving them forward to touch – whatever it was behind the cloth. “Feel it,” Deidre whispered in Kelly’s ear. “What does it make you think of?”

Kelly let her hands be guided, feeling the texture and the edges of the structure. “A sculpture,” she asked? Fingers entangled, Kelly took over, moving to explore the edges, letting her hands dance over the metal as it slid from smooth to rough and back again. The metal seemed to warm beneath there hands as they followed the edges. Kelly had no idea what it was, for it didn’t seem to have a recognizable form, yet it spoke to her of femininity.

“Go ahead,” Deidre said, her warm breath tickling Kelly’s ear. “Open your eyes.” Blinking in the sudden light, Kelly was amazed at the sculpture before her. It reminded her of a Georgia O’Keefe painting. It wasn’t explicit, in fact it was very abstract. A suggestion of a petal here, a curve there. The copper glinted in the light overhead, and must be glorious in the sun. Somehow it made her think of a young woman, uncurling her way from innocence to sensuality. She had no words to capture it, and told Deidre so.

Deidre didn’t seem bothered by this. In fact, she smiled. “I don’t need people to be able to explain it, I know what my thoughts were. I like that it makes people a bit unsure. A bit speechless.” Deidre pulled Kelly close, cheek touching cheek. Kelly could feel Deidre’s heart beating a rhythm against her back, Deidre’s warmth flowing into her. Nothing else seemed important but still, she couldn’t forget where she was. She couldn’t forget the plan.

“Want to finish our ride,” Kelly asked as she turned to Deidre. Smiling crookedly, Deidre seemed amused by Kelly’s words. “Sure. Any particular place you want to go?” “How about something with a view?” Kelly replied. “There’s a place not far from here that I’ve heard of. But you’re the driver. It’s up to you.” Deidre tugged Kelly along to the door. “I like views. We’ll just play it be ear, okay?”

Without the coffee cups, it was much easier to get comfortable. “Hang on tight,” Deidre shouted over the roar of the bike as she set the gears. Quickly, Kelly wrapped her arms around Deidre, feeling Deidre’s muscles flexing against her chest, making her body flush. It wouldn’t be long now, the wait would be over. They drove quickly but smoothly, heading up higher, to a point looking out over the city.

Stopping, they both dismounted, looking out over the city lights that laid out before them. The woods around them were hushed as if listening to their heartbeats racing. Kelly found a spot on a rock to sit down and lowered her head. In a quiet voice she said, “You know, we didn’t just bump into each other that day. I’d been watching you for a while.” Kelly didn’t look up as she felt the air move and Deidre sit next to her.

“I – “, Kelly paused shyly. “There was something about you that I wanted to be close to.” She breathed out the words quickly, before her courage ran out. “Something about you that I wanted to touch. I’ve never felt like this before.” Kelly looked up at Deidre with her heart in her eyes. Deidre’s lips curled up in a full smile as she leaned down toward Kelly. Their breaths mingled softly but before the kiss was completed, the sounds of hands clapping interrupted them.

“Brava little one,” came the voice from the shadows. “I was sure your courage would desert you before you got that far.” Both girls looked up at the man stepping from the shadows of the trees. His eyes flashed icy as he turned to look at Deidre. “You however, were given very specific instructions. They did not include you touching her. Did they?” Deidre shook her head mutely, suddenly less sure of herself. He gave her a look and motioned to the other side of the clearing. Quickly she stood up and went to stand quietly by a tree.

Kelly looked up at the man, unsure as to what was happening yet somehow excited as well. “I’m glad you find Deidre pleasing. I thought you might.” Smoothly he slid forward, letting his fingers brush Kelly’s cheek. “I saw you, at the library a few months ago. I was captivated by your sweetness, the innocence.” He cocked his head as if in thought as he looked into Kelly’s eyes. “But I’m very glad I was right that there is a bit of a spark as well. You would be much less interesting without that. I will never break you, I like the fight. Just make sure you remember who’s in charge.”

Kelly was mesmerized by his voice, by the look in his eyes. “I – I’m not sure what you mean,” she stuttered softly. “Don’t you,” he questioned as he held Kelly’s gaze. “Now is the time to speak up girl. I’ll have my driver take you home while I deal with Deidre. Choose to stay, and you will have all the things you’ve longed for, but at my will.” Kelly looked at him then over at Deidre, standing by the tree, neck bowed, hands grasped behind her back. Her heart beats threatened to overwhelm her, and she looked up shyly. “Please, may I stay?”

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  1. August 20, 2009 4:06 pm


    but why didnt they drink their coffee?

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