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May 10, 2009

As you know (or should) Sextoys and @ginger_leigh have a wonderful giveaway going on right now. Well since I’ve got 2 toys (I didn’t bother including the lovely $5 massager I got from the drug store), I thought this would be a great time to start a toy collection! Now the rules are, I post a link and tell you why I want it. It’s a long list! Since I had $1,000 to spend I tried to squeeze out every penny. There are 37 items on the list so you have to read to the end to find out just how much I did spend!

Nipple Arouse-hers (black) – I used to have a beautiful slipknot nipple jewelry set with a chain and I miss them!
Moisture Activated Penis – Imagine having this inserted and someone starts my kinky mind going – I wonder how much moisture it will take?
Eden Waterproof Pleasure Petals – I picked this because I love flowers and it just looks like it will be fun to play with.
Real Skin Ben Wa Balls Vibe Purple – Okay these were an easy choice; I’ve always wanted a set of Ben Wa balls. Plus they’re purple!
Silicone Bunny Buddy (Teal) – It has bunny ears, need I say more? Okay, it’s also waterproof and small. Think I could pass it off as a child’s toy?
Gapers Organic Purple – Look: purple! Seriously though, I wanted to try the pump. It just sounds – hot.
Under the Bed Restraints by Sportsheets – I saw someone else mention these once and immediately put them on my wish list. Equal opportunity restraints!
Lover’s Ribbon – Black – I’m imagining these as restraints and accessories. Wear this and panties to a fetish ball perhaps? Needs to come in other colors. Like purple maybe.
Kama Sutra Honey Dust (Raspberry) – Restraints plus dust = tongue teasing temptation. Yum.
Dr. Joel Kaplan’s 9.5 inch Clear Glass Dual Wand – It’s glass, it’s got some amazing ridges, and I can share. Had to have it.
Leather and Mesh Pouch – Leather, leather, leather. Well plus, it’d show off the ass very nicely.
Ultra Harness 2000 for females – I do not have a harness. I want a harness. I like that this one has parts for the giver and the receiver, but they’re removable too.
The Stinger (Purple) – I’m intrigued by the opportunity for three-way stimulation. Plus it bends.
Wireless Jelly Teddy Micro vibrator – It’s teeny, it’s tiny, it’s a teddy bear! Oh and it’s waterproof so I can play during bath time!
Jumbo Thai Anal Beads Black – I’ve never used these but I’ve heard it’s fun to pull them out all at once, at just the right moment. *evil grin*
Wireless Remote Egg – Fuchsia – Wireless, this means I can take it to work and put the remote in my purse yes? Will make for fun bus rides.
Leather Blindfold – More leather. I’m picturing restraints, blindfold, dust. Such a treat to lay before me, with you never knowing what I’m doing next.
Moist Anal Lube – 4 oz – All these lovely anal toys will need lube!
Climax Personal Lubricant (4 oz) – And since I’ve got no idea what lube works best, I’m getting more than one.
Krystal Spinner Anal Plug – It spins and has a suction cup. Sounds like a plug that will be a lot of fun!
Compact Discretion (carbon fiber) – Now this should fit in my purse just fine for those afternoons that I’m a little bit horny at work.
Silicone Taffy Tickler – Water Buddy – Blue – Okay I love the little ticklers all over the outside. I bet they’d feel good tickling on lots of body parts.
Up/Down Anal Pleaser Black – I’m intrigued with this one. It goes up and down? This I need to try.
Waterproof Anal Fantasy Butt Bead – Purple – Toys with suction cups look like a lot of fun! I’m thinking of all the fun places I can stick it and use it.
Bendybeads Violet – I really liked the look of the texture on these. Can’t wait to test it out.
Classix Duo-Tone BallsI figured it wouldn’t hurt to have two sets of balls. One to spare? Or maybe share?
Artisan Glass Bulb 4.5in/11.43 cm – Very much like the look of glass. Also imagine it feels very smooth. And you can chill it. Or heat it.
Icicles Turquoise Twister Glass Massager – This is just gorgeous. Plus I like that curve it’s got. And all the bumps on the outside.
Universal Adult Toy Lube 8.3ozs – More lube to try, this one for toys and silicone based. Hmm does that work well with glass?
Vac U Lock realistic w/ balls 8 inch – To go along with the harness. For when the 6″ is no longer enough for the person I’m using it on! *grin*
Super Fun Penis Candy – I would have bought two of these because they look like so much fun to pass around the office or the bus, but I could only get 1. Rules ya know!
Lovin’ Hot Body Paints – Tropical Flavors – Do you like Pina Coladas, and getting caught in the rain? I do and putting these on with your finger or the nice soft brush then licking them off. Sounds like my kind of afternoon.
Tastee Tattoo’s – I’m seeing these put all over someone’s body, then leaving them in the middle of the room blindfolded at a party. Naked. With a sign saying lick me.
Climax Bursts Toy Cleaner – Toys must get cleaned! I know you could just boil them, but always nice to get them wiped down first.
Strawberry Flavored Condom 3 pack – Always remember, practice safe sex! Tasty sex is even better.
Banana Flavored Condom 3 pack – I like to sample a little bit of everything, but I bet these condoms would be my favorite.
Vanilla Flavored Condom 3 pack – Vanilla is great in ice cream. Strikes me funny that the last of this toy list is vanilla when the rest of it – isn’t.

How much did I spent on this lovely toy wish list? A whopping $999.47! But I think I got value for my er Sex Toys money.

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