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The Task

May 8, 2009

“Good morning, pet.”

“Good morning, Sir.”

“There’s something I want you to do for me, something special. Someone I want you to meet.”


“Asking questions? Maybe you need a reminder as to who’s in charge.”

“No, sorry sir. Anything.”

“That’s better. Here’s what I need you to do.”


Kelly sipped her coffee slowly, paying little heed to the coffee shop around her, focused intently on the words of the book she held. She almost held her breath as the scene grabbed her and pulled her in. As the last words of the chapter echoed in her mind, she dropped the book to the table nonchalantly, avoiding meeting anyone’s eyes. She squirmed in her seat, the images the author had captured leaving her very aroused.

Once she’d managed to pull herself together, she gave a sideways glance around the room. Didn’t seem like anyone had seen her. Or if they had, they didn’t understand what had gotten her so breathless. A quick draft brushed her and she turned to look at the front door. There she was, just like clockwork. Every day at this time, she came. Perhaps for that last cup of coffee before heading home for the evening. Kelly had managed to catch her name once, but still didn’t think the girl looked like a Deidre.

Kelly watched as Deidre strode to the counter, today wearing heavy boots, layered with straps. Faded jeans disappeared into the top of the boots, with a button down shirt completing the ensemble. Deidre was a name that should belong to a girl with a bouncy skirt, strappy heels, and long strawberry-blonde locks. Not attached to spiky hair painted in shades of black and burgundy. Still, there was something about her that fascinated Kelly.

Heavy rain pelted the windows suddenly, accompanied by bright flashes of light. Kelly watched as Deidre picked-up her coffee and then headed for the door, muttering under her breath. The cafe was packed, and obviously, Deidre wouldn’t be heading home right away. Perfect timing. Kelly pushed a chair out with her foot in invitation. “Plenty of room here if you want to sit down,” she told Deidre. Deidre glanced at her, then back outside. “I suppose I won’t be going anywhere for the moment. Damn.” She sat down with a grace that spoke of athleticism, although any muscles were hidden underneath her clothes.

“Good thing I put my jacket in the boot,” she said with a grin. Taking a sip of coffee she stuck out her other hand. “Name’s Deidre. Thanks for sharing the table.” Kelly took it, feeling the firmness of her grip. “Kelly. No problem about the table. I think I’ve seen you in here before?” “Yeah, I come in here on my way home. It’s always a bit chilly, even on warm days, what with the wind on the highway. I like a cup of coffee to fortify me for the trip.” Kelly looked at her a bit puzzled. “I ride a motorcycle,” Deidre said, pointing out the window.

Kelly took at look at the motorcycle parked near the front door. Now that definitely looked like it fit Deidre’s personality. Deidre smiled as she sipped the last of her coffee. “Looks like it’s letting up. Better get out of here before another storm hits. Thanks again for sharing.” Standing up, Deidre grabbed her bag and headed toward the door. She turned at the last moment with a flash of that grin. “Maybe I’ll see you again sometime.” Kelly smiled back and thought to herself, you will definitely be seeing me again.


“What is it?”

“I did what you asked, I’ve made contact. You were right, she’s got something special.”

“Well of course I was right. Did you see the same potential I did?”

“Yes sir.”

“Did you set up another meeting?”

“No, not yet.”

“I see you need more incentive to do as you’re told.”

“No! Sir, I didn’t want to spook her. Please, she’ll be back”

“Very well. Do not disappoint me.”

Kelly almost tripped in her hurry to get into the cafe. She was running late, what with the boss needing to have one last talk before he left on vacation. Head down, looking in her purse for her wallet, she rammed into an immovable object that smelled of damp leather and heat. Arms grabbed hold before she could fall into a display and make an even bigger full of herself. Looking up she found herself staring at a grinning Deidre and couldn’t help but grin herself.

“Thanks for the save. Sorry for running into you,” Kelly said breathlessly. “No worries, just glad I caught you.” Deidre’s hands pushed closed the purse. “I’ve got this one. Just tell the barista girl what you want.” Kelly smiled and leaned over Deidre to place her order. “The place is a bit crowded today isn’t it,” Deidre said close to Kelly’s ear. Nodding, Kelly stepped back but stayed close. The crowd was a good excuse to keep up the physical contact. Looking around, Kelly could find no place to sit.

Deidre gave her a cocky look. “Up for a bit of adventure? I can’t hold the coffee and steer, but you could hold them both. I’ll go slow and we can find a scenic spot to stop and drink them.” Cocking her head, Kelly looked at Deidre as if trying to decide if this plan would work. “Think my car will be okay here,” she asked? “Sure,” Deidre said with confidence. Kelly grabbed both coffees as the order was finished and followed Deidre out the motorcycle.

Kelly watched as Deidre threw her leg over the seat of the bike, then handed her the coffees so she could mount up too. Snuggling up close she leaned against Deidre’s back to take the coffees. Deidre set a spare helmet on Kelly’s head, then winked before heading out.

The phone beeped once, indicating the arrival of a new text message.

“Mission accomplished sir. We’re together. She has no clue. Rendezvous at The Point confirmed. No one else should be there.”

“Good girl,” he thought as he closed his phone, a wicked smile on his face. “Maybe I’ll even let you be the one to give her that first taste of pain.”

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  1. August 20, 2009 3:43 pm

    mmm.. sounds yummy :o)

    What happened next? Is it continued?

  2. wtfskh permalink
    September 8, 2009 12:05 pm

    the orders and the object.. very good.. i guess the one thing that i don’t do sometimes is describe the person.. it gives a reader of what you are looking at..

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