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Sexual Towers – The Shopping Trip

April 29, 2009

Covered in the shroud of sheets and blankets, I lay thinking about how much my life had changed. That one meeting with Darla, her moving in, had somehow shed light on how unsatisfied with my life I had become. I’d already begun changing, in fact I could feel a delicious soreness in my pussy from the pounding of the night before. But I felt that there was more waiting, just outside my reach.

Sliding out of the bed, I went to stand before the mirror. I cocked my head at my image, trying to decide if there were flaws. My hands cupped my breasts. More than a handful, but they weren’t so big I felt top-heavy. Sliding my hands down, I felt a stomach that could probably benefit from sit-ups but who the heck wanted a six-pack anyway. Gliding my fingers along my hips, teasing inward along my thighs, I decided I wasn’t too bad. I’d always had offers for dates, they just never really brought me out of my shell.

I looked at my face, which wasn’t bad to look at. A straight nose, full lips, and thanks to my mother’s side, a peachy complexion. Maybe that was it, everything was so – plain. Not in the sense that I was a “plain Jane”, just nothing stood out. I’d felt like I had changed so much on the inside, yet the outside didn’t reflect that. Hmm. It was my day off. I’d just gotten a bonus. Maybe a shopping trip was in order. Something wild, wicked. Oh, and maybe a visit to a toy store. I surely needed to further my education.

Plan firmly in mind, I grabbed a quick shower, threw on some clothes and headed to the door. Grabbing my purse I swung it open and almost got hit in the face by a hand raised to knock. Blinking, I stared at my hunky fireman. I felt a slight blush creep along my face as I thought of the stories his friend must have taken back to the firehouse last night. He smiled at me, and I couldn’t tell if it was “hey slut, give me some too” or “god you’re sexy”. My new self smacked the bitch that used to be, and I straightened my shoulders. Sex was good and natural, and if it was slutty to like it, to hell with him.

“Hey,” he said. “It’s my day off, was thinking you might want to do something. Sober.” The last was said with a very cheeky grin. I couldn’t help but laugh. “Yes, as a matter of fact,” I told him as I closed the door. “I’ve got a list of things to do today. Think you’ve got the balls to go with me?” Now it was his turn to blink. “As long as my balls aren’t getting waxed, I can probably manage,” he said with a grin. “The list includes lingerie shopping, a stop at the adult store, maybe clothes shopping, and whatever other trouble I can find to get into.” I explained as we headed down the hall. Now his grin had turned huge, “I’m your man for sure then. Matt’s the name, in case you didn’t hear it the other night.”

We reached the front steps and I stopped to put on my sun glasses, fighting the glare. He watched me, his gaze on my eyes first, then my lips. Standing so close to me I could feel heat from his body, feel his arousal as if it was a living thing. I could feel myself being drawn in, leaning forward to meet him as he threaded his hands in my hair. Lips, tongues, teeth, all met. The kiss was wilder than I could have imagined; lips were bitten then soothed, tongues dueled, all while his fingers tugged on my head to move me where he wanted.

Immediately I was wet; it felt like if I didn’t have him buried inside me I’d die. I tried to climb his frame, but only succeeded in riding his thigh. I moaned as he pressed firmer against me, his leg hard against my clit. I wish I’d worn a short skirt instead of leggings. A short skirt and no panties. My nails dug into his shoulder as I tried to pull myself up him; he growled deep in his throat, a rumbling that I felt more than heard. He eased back first and I made a mew of disappointment. I’m sure I was pouting as I looked into his smiling face.

“Didn’t you say something about a visit to an adult store,” he asked? “I think I know just the place.” He took my hand and tugged me close to him as we walked. I was still extremely horny but content to wait, knowing that the day wouldn’t end without finishing what we started. At the corner, he hailed a taxi to take us to the store. The drive was much to short to really get into any more playing, but we manged to sneak in a few tongue kisses anyway.

The taxi ended its ride on a quaint row of brick-faced stores. I looked around curiously. I’d never been to this part of town before; with it’s quiet streets and well landscaped buildings, it didn’t look like a good spot for an adult store. The one window had a mannequin in a beautiful corset, with some kind of choker around the neck. It seemed to denote a store full of fashionable items, not toys. Inside a subtle rock beat filled the air, encouraging one to move with it. More clothes lined the walls: beautiful dresses that would cup and expose the nipples, catsuits, even some latex outfits. And of course leather.

Shelves took up the entire back half of the store. I headed toward them as Matt moved over to the counter where woman there was holding out her hands to him. I kept an eye on the exchange as I got closer to the merchandise displayed on the shelves. It was pretty obvious they knew each other; she leaned in to kiss him on both cheeks. I picked up a package at random, to discover that it was a vibrator with – were those bunny ears? Obviously I needed to get out more.

“That’s one of our most popular items,” came the husky voice from behind me. Turning, I saw both Matt and the saleslady there. I was a bit shocked when he introduced her, “This is my Aunt Tina. She owns the place.” I quickly put the toy back, feeling a bit of a blush on my face. She laughed. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you. This is the first time Matt has been here, and I wanted to show him, and you, around a bit.” She pointed out various sections, some of which frightened the crap out of me while others struck a chord of desire. Butt plugs, switches, ropes, restraints, vibrators, dildos, costumes, lube, condoms. Some of the toys were huge!

“We get a good mixed crowd,” his aunt explained. From the working girls who deal with the specialty clients to the average housewife looking to spice up her marriage. And the guys,” she said while pointing out a section just for guys. “Gay, lesbian, transgendered, kinky, it all comes through these doors. Everyone is welcome and discretion is our golden rule.” She was obviously proud of her store, and rightly so. Everything about it said profit. “We’ll even take ‘appointments’ from clients who don’t like to be seen in these kind of stores. No one thinks twice if they see a movie star or a senator in this neighborhood.”

I was very impressed and I told her so. Matt had wandered off, looking through the racks of lingerie. When I admitted that I was new to the whole “kink” world, she immediately took me by the hand and led me to the shelves. Picking up a small box that looked like a piece of carry on luggage, she handed it to me. “This is the beginner’s kit, and it will be my gift to you!” I tried to hand it back, but she wouldn’t hear of it. “No, every woman needs toys. I’m just glad I can help!”

“Now, off you go. I’m expecting an important client. Matt, take her home and help her try out some of those toys,” she said with a wicked grin, shooing us both out the door. Matt looked at me with a question in his eyes. Hmm. I did want to go shopping, on the other hand, I had a box of toys and a hot guy. Shopping could always wait. “Well, how about a picnic. At my place. After we see what’s in the box,” I said as I grabbed him by the shirt to pull him down for a kiss. One arm wrapped around me, holding me tight against his arousal that gave me his answer, the other waved in the air, getting us another taxi for the trip home.

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