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Sexual Towers – Putting Out Fires

April 22, 2009

Sleep wouldn’t come. My mind was too hyped up from the day. First the meeting, called at the last minute that I somehow made it through. I had actually found myself looking around the boardroom with new eyes.

The large oval table shone in the sun that streamed in the glass windows. Sitting around it were several males interspersed with the few token women. There was room for a whole bevy of girls, or guys, to kneel beneath it. That would at least make the meetings more attended.

Seeing out to the windows of other offices across the street, I wondered how much they could see. I knew our glass wasn’t reflective but it was across a wide street. As I watched it seemed like miniatures on a set, I couldn’t see who was in the office on the other side, but I could make out what they were doing. If I could see them, they could see us. Hmm, maybe a late night meeting with one of the partners. I couldn’t imagine a need for it, there were no big projected contracts coming up, but I could pretend.

The large plush chair set at the head of the table certainly looked commanding. I liked how the arms were wood, curved and supportive, but thin. You could easily tie someone up to them. Daydreaming I pictured myself, being forced down into the chair, my skirt riding up as my legs were spread open, draped over the arms. My hands pulled down to grip the chair, trapping my legs complete. Wrists being bound to the chair. Scissors used to cut the sides of my panties, laying me completely bare before his heated gaze. I could even picture the leather seat, glistening in the moonlight, as my juices slid down to cover it.

I was startled out of my reverie as notebooks were closed and pants rustled while people stood up to exit quickly, hoping to make it out before anyone had a question. Grabbing my things, I headed to my desk, realizing it was time to go. Another day done, but at least this one had had a bright spot. I smiled as I headed out the door, still remembering the feel of his cock exploding in my mouth.

I headed out, catching eyes; feeling more confident in myself. I was also feeling horny. All that lovely daydreaming had got me in a state. I was ready for my next test. Then I remembered all the sexy firemen that were at the bar near my place. Maybe even the one I’d met that night. This time, I’d make sure I wasn’t too drunk to take advantage of the situation.

I slid a few buttons free, letting my hair fall around my shoulders. The only other thing I needed to get rid of was the damn panty hose. I spotted the alleyway and ducked in, hoping to divest myself of the torture devices before I went in. I knew there’d be a mile long line to the bathroom.

I leaned back against the wall and worked the top of the panty hose down. I had managed to get them down to my knees when a deep voice offered to help. I looked up and there was one of the fireman from the other night. Well, at least I wasn’t drunk this time. Nonchalantly I stood up. “Sure, lend me your arm?” He put out an arm to steady me, but instead of holding me up, he pulled me close.

Knocked off balance, I couldn’t move as he slid a hand under my skirt to slowly ease the hose down. Lifting one foot at a time, he peeled them off and replaced my shoes. He smiled at me as he let go and helped me catch my balance again. I could hear the murmur of people as a steady flow entered the bar but couldn’t actually see them.

I made a step towards the crowd, but he stopped me. Puzzled, I looked at him, wondering what was going on. He got this odd smile on his face and asked me if I was meeting someone or was I alone? “I just stopped by for a quick drink on my way home,” I explained. “Good,” he replied. The next thing I knew I was up against the wall and he was behind me. I could feel the brick against my face, smell the heat of the day coming off the asphalt. I tried to push away from the wall, but he was immovable, pressing tight up against me, his very obvious arousal straining against my ass.

Both hands were pulled from the wall, held in one of his behind my back. Lips slid along my jaw line to my ear where he sharply nipped as I tried once against to protest. I hushed then, in reality totally turned on. Both by him and the whole dirtiness of the alley. I had come to find him, to be fucked by him. That’s really why I was here. And now I was getting what I wanted.

“Leave your hands exactly where they are,” was the whispered command in my ear as he let go. One of his big hands slid around to cup my breast, tugging on my nipple, making it even harder. The other slipped under my skirt, sliding up the leg of my underwear to rub at the already wet lips. “Glad to see you’re ready for me,” he growled. “Or are you just horny for any cock?” His fingers slipped away, leaving me feeling empty, until I heard the rough slide of his zipper being pulled down.

My bra was pulled down, allowing my breasts to pop out the top. The brick felt cold against my nipples. He slid his hand between them, pinching one, then the other. Pulling on them, stretching them, then letting go. Each time they’d hit against the wall, the roughness making them even harder. He pushed against me, sliding my panties aside, positioning the head of cock, against my pussy. Abruptly, he pushed up and into me. Filling me totally, shoving me against the wall with the first stroke.

His fingers bit into my hips cruelly as his mouth moved to my neck, biting down. I was totally immobile, forced to stand there. Awash in sensations I was so aroused I could hardly breathe. This was a quick and dirty fucking; an alleyway pounding. He was using me, taking me, marking me. I knew I’d have scratches from the wall on my breasts, bruises on my neck. I’d be sore from the hard pounding from his cock. It was relentless, burying deep and filling me so full I thought I’d die, then a rapid removal leaving me crying for more.

Each thrust brought me closer to cumming. I moaned and began to beg for him to fuck me even harder. I didn’t care if anyone heard, I wanted to cum so bad. I felt him bend his knees and adjust the angle slightly then push forward so hard I thought I’d go through the wall. Oh god, yes. I felt my face being smashed into the wall at the same time I spasmed around him. Pushed in as deep as he could go, his cock gave an answering shudder as he came.

I felt him slip out, heard his zipper as he got his pants closed. “Thanks,” he said. “You should come by the firehouse sometime, and we’ll do this again.” With that, he left. I stayed against the brick for a moment, feeling the sticky wetness of my own orgasm drying on my legs.

I sighed happily as I snuggled into my pillow, remembering how it felt to stand up after all that, a bit shakily. I couldn’t wait to do that again, I thought, as I finally slipped off to sleep.

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  1. Kelley permalink
    April 23, 2009 3:16 am

    Wow. Who let you into my fantasy world? “He was using me, taking me, marking me.” That just takes my breath away. I had to send the link to my lover, who has previously been a policeman, firefighter, and is currently stationed in Saudi in the Navy.

    • Stacy permalink*
      April 23, 2009 5:41 am

      Now that is a beautiful compliment! Thank you so much. Hope he enjoys it. Tell him thank you, for being there. I can’t put into words how much I respect and am thankful for all the people, men and women, who fight for us.

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