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Late Nights, Lazy Mornings

March 25, 2009

The recent MfM reminded me of mornings spent in bed with an ex-boyfriend. He was ex at the time, but whenever I had a big party, people just crashed instead of driving home. He always managed to find his way into my bed. Nothing would happen during the night, but then the morning would come…

I was roused by a slight movement of the bed. I could feel sun coming in through the sliding glass door, past the slatted blinds. The bed moved again and I realized what it was. J had been at the party the night before and climbed in under my covers to crash. I was determined to resist him this morning.

Determined not to watch as he slid his pale hand along his stiff cock. I knew that he wasn’t really sleeping, or even half-asleep. He was stroking because he knew I’d want to watch. And if I watched for long I’d want to help, I’d be unable to stop myself. Unable to stop myself from bending down to run my tongue along it, to taste the familiar taste.

My hands moved of their own accord, sliding the covers off slowly, pretending that I didn’t want to wake him. This was the game we played every time. It seemed easier to pretend than figure out what was really going on. He knew how much I loved sucking him off, feeling him cum in my mouth. I knew he was using me, but I also knew how much I wanted it.

His hands were broad, very lightly tanned against the whiteness of his legs. The hint of red to his hair was reason enough for the lovely paleness of his skin. I watched as his cock grew harder, his whole hand grasping and pulling, sliding up and down. I moved closer, leaning on one elbow to watch as he began a soft moaning.

Licking my lips I let my fingers touch his sack, sneaking a peek at his face where his eyes were still closed. Leaning forward, I felt the pull of his cock; as my lips touched the tip with a soft kiss, his free hand tangled in my hair, guiding me closer. My lips slid over, going slow, still playacting that I couldn’t wake him.

I moaned softly myself as I felt him parting my lips, gliding along my tongue. I don’t know how he did it, what magical lure he used, but I had to have him. I needed it, needed to feel him in my mouth, feel him cum. He pushed with one hand as he slid the other off to make room for my mouth. Soon he was pushing my head down harder, his hips rising up to thrust his cock into my mouth deeper.

He wasn’t interested in teasing, he wanted it quick, so I took what I could from it. I let my tongue slide along him, sucking, pulling; top lip tight as it slid along the bottom of his cock. It never took him long to cum and soon he was holding me down against him, his cock jerking and pumping it all into my waiting mouth. The taste was everything I wanted, everything I needed.

All too quickly it was over. He let me go, pulled away, did up his pants. He slid out of bed without a word, putting on his shoes, then was gone. Until the next time he came to use me, to let me have just one more taste.

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