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Sexual Towers – Mandy Wakes Up.

March 20, 2009

“Oh yes, there. God, put your tongue right there.” I held on to someone’s head, I couldn’t figure out who but it didn’t matter since what they were doing felt so good. Hands pinched my nipples, oddly enough there seemed to be at least three hands roaming around my chest. Cupping my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples, sending wave after wave of pleasure through my body. Lips met mine, sucking, biting at my lower lip, then the slipping of a tongue into my mouth, dueling with my tongue. One of my hands held tight to the hair of the head between my legs, while another slid up and down a hard cock, letting my thumb rub the tip.

I felt close to cumming, pushing up against the lips nibbling at my clit, as I stroked faster, hearing people moaning, feeling them against me. I could hear a vibrator buzzing hard against someone, but it seemed to be coming closer to me. The buzzing kept getting louder and more insistent. I dropped my hand to the nightstand, fumbling for the clock. My eyes stayed firmly shut, refusing to open. Even so, I could tell there was light shining. The flannel sheets were warm against my bare skin, just rough enough to arouse me further. Abruptly my eyes opened. Wait, I didn’t sleep in the nude. Ever.

I shook my head to clear it, then groaned as I remembered the ending of the night before. Pulling the covers up over my head I tried to shut out the memories but they all came flooding back. Unfortunately nothing exciting had happened, even though a large part of me wanted it to. The hunky fireman had instead, carefully guided me home. He even had helped me out of my clothes, then tucked me in. Throwing the covers back, I sat up slowly. I’d only been drunk once before, but I knew I hated this room-spinning feeling. Thankfully the room remained still mostly and I was able to stand up and stumble to the shower.

From the light streaming in the bathroom window I was very late. I hurriedly scrubbed up, rinsed off, and grabbed some clothes. Whatever happened last night, if I didn’t get to work, I’d be in big trouble. I was almost out the door of the apartment when I remembered that at least I’d gotten a good night kiss. Passing the doorway had nudged that particular memory forward. Man could he kiss. Holding my face between his hands he’d started slow; with soft presses of his lips to mine, then a nudge to open them. God, I was tingly thinking about it. I ran to catch the bus I could see coming down the road, feeling his tongue sweeping through my mouth.

That’s where the dreams came from, I thought. I’d never even imagined an orgy, much less expected to be the center of one. But it seemed my life had started down a new path, one as weird and wonderful as any trip down Alice’s rabbit hole. I was lost in my thoughts when I felt someone behind me. The bus was packed this morning, I’d managed to miss the early one that was much less crowded. I tended to avoid crowds because they scared me a little. Whoever it was behind me was suddenly pressing closer. Wait, was that a hard-on? I tried to turn around but it was too tight. I was totally indignant then realized that I was also a bit turned on. I gave myself a mental slap. I must be completely desperate if a strange guy on a bus got me wet.

Part of me was horrified, but there was a part of me that was saying it’s about damn time. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sex, I just didn’t seem to feel the urge to go out and grab it. I’d had a couple of boyfriends since moving to the city, but nothing exciting. The overnights were quiet fun, some making out, a bit of sex under the covers, him on top. It was nice, but I just decided that sex wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. When I first moved I was eager to spread my wings, try all the things that I’d been denied in my small town. Instead I’d found myself in the pretty much the same ruts. Well except that I wasn’t a virgin, and had learned that masturbating wasn’t evil. Still, I knew that a lot of my upbringing was responsible for my willingness to do without passion.

Thinking about my life over the last 5 years, I realized that I wasn’t really living. I’d just been going through the motions. I was ready to grab it with both hands. I couldn’t do that if I wasn’t willing to step out and try things. Evidently some of this desire was more evident, because I’d never had so many encounters of the sexual type since I’d been here. I must be flashing some kind of neon sign that said “I’m young, I’m horny, Do me.” I slid one hand back just as the bus came to a halt. Before I could actually get the guts up to touch whoever it was behind me, he was gone. Vanished into the exodus of people moving on with their day. Well, damn.

That’s it. I can’t keep missing opportunities. There had to be something I could do, to challenge myself. If I waited, I might lose my nerve. I knew one thing I wanted was more of that fireman, maybe I could send flowers or something to the station. Well, not flowers, but maybe pizza or something. I made a mental note to ask one of the girls at work what place might deliver. I brushed at the lapels of my suit jacket as I stepped off the bus. At least I knew I looked sexy. The pants made my legs look longer, and the shirt seemed to frame my breasts, making them an offering.

The glass doors of the building reflected sunlight into my eyes as I stepped in, making me run into the person coming out. Oops. One of the partners. Not my boss thank goodness, but still. “Morning, Mr. Campbell. Sorry about that.” He smiled at me, “No worries, young lady. Someone as beautiful as you can bump into me anytime.” His eyes seemed to linger a bit, then he winked and stepped past me. Yep, neon sign had to be flashing somewhere. But he was a bit too much of a challenge. I’d keep looking. Hmm, there was that cute computer tech on the third floor. Wonder if I could get him to notice me today, I mused as I stepped on the elevator, fiddling with the button on my blouse.

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  1. psykotedy permalink
    April 4, 2009 3:03 pm

    Very nice intro to the series! I am intrigued and compelled to read more.


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