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King For A Day – III

March 18, 2009

This is part III – part I is available here.
You met me at the front door, smelling fresh and clean from your shower, a big grin on your face. “Thanks for making this day all mine. I love the dress.” You leaned forward and kissed me softly. “Your breasts are so hard and heavy that not only are your nipples obvious, but I can almost see every little bump of the skin. And your ass,” you shook your head bemusedly. “It’s perfectly clear that you’re completely bare under the dress. I love the smut look.” Taking my hand you lead me out the door and down the path. The neighbors boy had some of his high school friends out in the yard as we walked by. In answer to your loud greeting he turned and waved, while all his friends turned too. Your hand “accidently” caught on the back of the dress, pulling the edge up enough to bare the edge of my ass to their view, as you guided me down the street. You didn’t let go until we were far enough away that they couldn’t see anything else. I’m sure my face was completely red. I had no idea how I’d be able to ever speak to him or his friends again. I just hoped he wouldn’t tell his mom. That was all I needed.

As we passed down the next block and turned the corner toward the shops, a light breeze began to blow. The custom bike shop was full as we strolled in front of the doors. Some of the customers were outside, checking out each others’ rides. When the breeze came and flipped my skirt up, I automatically caught it and pushed it down, only to have you slap my hand away. The only people around were the bikers and I could feel their eyes on us. Pushing me up against a nearby tree you leaned down and whispered in my ear, “You know that I’ll have to punish you now don’t you. Put your hands on the tree.” I quickly obeyed, placing them on the tree in front of my face. You grabbed them and forced them up higher, pulling my up onto my tiptoes. “Now stay there.” You eased my skirt up completely baring my ass to everyone on the street. I worried that we’d get in trouble, then realized the only ones that could possibly see were the customers in the shop. You knew they wouldn’t be claiming indecent exposure.

Moving to the side to make sure they all got a good view you proceeded to spank my ass hard. Four swats was all I could stand before I cried out. My ass was already sore from earlier and now It was burning with pain. You growled at me then looked at my ass. The redness was obvious and faint purple hand shaped bruises were forming. “Alright,” you said. I guess you can’t take anymore spanking. But I’ll have to come up with another punishment.” Looking around you noticed a very large guy watching us from the shop’s door. You motioned him over. I could see his shadow out of the corner of my eye and shivered when I saw just how huge he was. “You want to fuck her, “ you asked him? From the silence I guess he didn’t quite know if you were joking or not. Tugging on my hair, you scolded me, “he doesn’t believe me. Ask him to fuck you.” As I hesitated you gave a yank to my hair. “Ask, or I’ll be whipping your ass until you have to sleep on your stomach for a week.”

I turned my head to look at the biker, “Please, I want you to fuck me. Fuck my pussy, please.” He looked around then said, “Look, I own the shop. I can’t afford any trouble with the cops.” You thought about it for a second then said “We’ll go in the store. You’ve got a display window, they can all still see. Oh, and pick another guy. Her ass is off limits, but her mouth isn’t.” Taking my hands from the tree you pulled me behind you into the store, following the giant biker to the window. He grabbed another guy along the way, from the looks of him, probably one of his employees. “She’s going to suck you off while I fuck her,” he told the guy. I never did catch their names. I know I’ll never buy a bike there now. A few of the guys were able to squeeze inside for the show, but some were still standing outside by the window. A low counter held some clothing items that the owner swept off onto the floor. Pulling me around you laid me over the counter, with my ass facing the owner. You tugged at my hands until my stomach was centered, letting my head fall forward, my toes barely touching on the other side.

Stuck there I waited, unable to see what was going on behind me, I could still hear the zippers being lowered. With no warning or preparation I felt the owner push forward, sliding his cock into my pussy. He grunted as he buried himself to the hilt in my pussy. I felt the air move beside me as the employee walked up to me with his dick in hand, pressing it against my lips. I opened them to let him in, trying to lick the head. Impatiently he pushed his cock into my mouth, not looking for finesse. He quickly began fucking my face with short fast pumps. He filled my mouth and I started gagging as he rammed into the back of my throat at the same time the owner pounded me from behind. Paying no attention to my choking, the guy in front kept slamming it down my throat. The guy behind grunted as he rammed me, holding onto my hips as he slid home.

From the corner of my eye I could see you watching me as well as several other guys who had their dicks out and were stroking them. Others were stroking through their pants. The smell of grease and sweat was heavy in the air as my body was rocked from both ends. With every stroke of cock in my pussy I could feel it through my ass as he rubbed back and forth against the toy. The pain in my ass reminded me that no matter how good the cock in my pussy felt, I couldn’t cum or I might never get to leave the shop. It didn’t take long before they were both breathing heavy and moving even faster. The guy in my pussy came first but the other guy wasn’t far behind and soon I was filling up with cum from both ends. The guy in front pulled out at the very end, spilling the last few drops of cum down my cleavage.

As the owner and his employee moved off me, you moved in, helping me stand up. You brushed my hair back from my face and deemed me suitably punished. Waving to the gathered men, you led me out of the store and back to the sidewalk. I was afraid some of the men would follow us but they just watched as we left. The wind whipped at my dress again but this time I wisely left it alone.

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