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Sexual Towers – The Shell Cracks

March 11, 2009

I stammered some sort of excuse about needing to get changed for a late dinner date, politely thanked Darlene for the offer, expressed how nice it was to meet them both, and slipped out. I’m not even sure how I made it back to the apartment I was that flustered. Slipping in, I closed the door and leaned against it, my heart racing. My nipples were so tight they were painful, never mind how wet my pussy was. God, I wished I had had the courage to just dive in.

Good girl that I was, I made myself stand up and head to the shower. I was going to have to actually dress and leave at the very least. I couldn’t very well stay in the apartment after I’d made those excuses. Dropping my shirt into the hamper, I toed off my shoes, lining them up next to the others on the floor of my closet. Skirt, then pantyhose, fell on top of the shirt. I was careful undoing the cotton bra, fearing the friction against my swollen nipples. Slipping the panties off over my hips, I could smell my own heat. Even that aroused me further.

I let the warm water cascade over me, trying to gather my thoughts. One thing I had learned, when I moved out on my own, was that the shower was a good place to ease my frustrations. It had take me a long time to bring myself to even think about touching “there”. Now I was more familiar with the sensations of fingers sliding along wet skin, sliding through short curls. I still felt guilty every time, but I justified it, telling myself that I needed the relaxation.

Now I needed something quick, satisfying, or I’d be hurting all night. As my fingers parted the hair, spreading the lips of my pussy, my mind wander back upstairs. I imagined him stripped of his shirt and jeans, imagined it was him, sliding his fingers down to ease me. Suddenly, Darlene’s face flashed across my mental screen, at the same time my finger rubbed my clit softly.

God, I must really be desperate, if even a girl was turning me on. I could almost feel her lips and tongue, teasing my nipples like she’d teased the bottle. I was already so close to cumming, I moaned as I stroked harder, feeling my muscles tense as I pretended they were both there with me, touching me. With a muffled scream, I came, feeling the juices dampen my thighs.

Shaking it off, I quickly washed and rinsed. Grabbing clothes I threw them on and headed out. I would just go grab some dinner at the little pub down the street. And a drink. I was going to definitely need a stiff drink. Luckily this was a safe neighborhood, even walking home late, I’d be fine. Between the local fire station nearby, and the cops that patrolled through on their way to the nicer neighborhoods, there was little crime. One of the reasons I chose this particular place.

The pub was just beginning to become crowded and I quickly ordered a shot of Patron with a chaser, taking both to a quiet corner. I knew I’d have to grab some food before they shut down the kitchen, but I could wait for the waitress for that. I couldn’t wait for the alcohol though. I needed it to calm myself. And to maybe give me the courage to take something I’d been wanting for a long time. Even if I didn’t dare let myself dream of it.

Gulping down the tequila, I slammed the glass back down onto the scarred table with more force than necessary. I felt glances but avoided looking up, carefully wiping my mouth with a napkin. Settling back against the cushion of the booth, I sipped at the beer and tried to collect my thoughts. Before I knew it, the beer was gone, and I realized suddenly that the place was packed. I was attempting to flag down the waitress when a rough voice from the table next to me sounded in my ear, “You need another beer? I’ll go get it for you.”

Turning I saw one of the neighborhood fireman. I recognized him, mostly because I’d definitely checked him out in passing. Idiot that I am, it was all I was good for. Secret glances, half-breathed desires. Blinking, I realized he was waiting for my answer. Damn, I needed some food, not more beer. “Sure, I could use another. I can’t seem to get the waitress’s attention.” Whoops, not what I meant to say. “Um, could you have her get me a hamburger too, please? Maybe some chips.” There, that was better. I was more in control.

I watched him weave his way through the crowd, low-slung jeans cupping a very fine ass. Just then the waitress passed by, dropping off a beer. Assuming he’d placed the order, I grabbed it and drank it down a bit thirstily. Seemed a bit hot in the bar. It was making me crave fluids. Sure, that was it. I wasn’t tipsy, just … thirsty. Scanning the room, it seemed crowded with hot bodies. Some familiar faces that were there tonight struck some kind of chord with me.

I finally saw him, standing near the bar, talking to some other firefighters. Talk about sexy. They needed to do some kind of nude calendar. I could imagine them all stripped down, skin damp with sweat, their only covering would be fire hoses or axes. I fanned myself, trying to get some cool air onto my overheated skin. Would anyone notice if I opened my shirt a bit; I had a bra on. I shook my head a little, trying to snap out of whatever crazy mood I was in. Mistake. I held the table, hoping to stop the room from moving, even as I watched him stride back to me, a plate of food and two beers in his hands.

His eyes twinkled a bit as he set the food in front of me. “Looks like you really need this food, and you’re a cheap drunk. ” Sliding into the booth he set both beers in front of him. “Not that I mind you tipsy, but never let it be said that I took advantage of a drunk girl. When I get you out of your clothes, I’d rather you be coherent enough to enjoy it.” I must have been staring at him incomprehensibly because he slid a chip to my lips and told me to eat.

I bit down on the chip, feeling my lips graze the tips of his fingers. My nipples tightened immediately. All I could imagine was sliding under the table and sucking his cock, something I’d only ever done once. What the hell was wrong with me? Food, I needed food. Then I’d figure out where the night was going next.

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