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Sexual Towers – Darlene Moves In.

March 3, 2009

Starting a new series, not sure where it’s going. See what you think.

I was so looking forward to the end of the week. Only one more day to go. As I trudged up the last few steps to the apartment, I felt like the weight of the world was on me. I was looking forward to a glass of wine, a movie, and maybe some time with my trusty vibrator. At least that would dependable. I knew because I’d just bought more batteries. I’d decided to give up on men completely. I’d stopped looking for Mr. Right and had even been happy with Mr. Right Now. Even so, I’d decided they weren’t worth the hassle. Often times, they were more trouble then they were worth.

I stepped into the vestibule, stopping to check my mail and thumb through the bills.  I’d just clanged the door shut when I heard a loud noise upstairs. With a frown on my face I headed up. The apartments were really a converted old hotel, with two floors remaining studios; two more floors redone into small 1 bedroom apartments; and the last floor being the more luxurious section with 2 bedrooms each. I’d picked the 1 bedroom, knowing I’d never be able to stand the studio. Even so, I wasn’t sure I’d gotten much more in the way of square footage. Mostly, there were just more walls.

I held on to the railing, slowly making my way up, listening to the noises echoing down the stairwell. I passed one of the girls that lived across from me and nodded hello. Mostly I didn’t talk to the neighbors much. I worked odd hours and when I was home I tended to stay inside for the most part. I wasn’t shy really, or even anti-social. I just seemed to stay isolated in my own world unless I found a reason to step out of it. I did have friends that I’d spend an evening with here and there. But a lot of evenings I liked spending home, listening to music, chatting online, or watching TV.

I was almost at my apartment door on the 4th floor when I heard something coming down the stairs. “Catch that would you!” A feminine voice shouted from above. Startled I looked up and realized it was some kind of large ball. Dropping my bag I reached out and grabbed it before it continued down the stairs. A smiling face peeked over the railing from above, dark hair dancing about her face. “Thanks! Come on up with it and I’ll give you a beer!” I blinked, a bit confused and went to say something, but she’d already disappeared. I sighed, so much for being able to relax. I opened the door and tossed my case in, then decided to heck with it and tossed my shoes in afer it.

Shoving my keys in my pocket, I grabbed the ball and padded up the stairs in my stocking feet. After being in heels all day, I knew that more stairs would have killed me. Barefoot, I would do okay. And it wasn’t like I was staying long. The door at the top of the stairs was open, and it was complete chaos. I cringed a little, not a big fan of disorganization. Oh well, she’d just moved in. It would take time. I peeked in, then knocked tentatively. “We’re in the back, come on in!” I heard her call. Following the noises, I made my way around the piles of boxes to the back bedroom. Suddenly I wasn’t quite so tired.

As I stepped into the room I was treated to the sight of a very fine male ass, bent over, pounding the bed together. His shirt had pulled up showing off a bit of skin that made me want to run my tongue along it. I felt a shoulder bump mine and found the dark-haired girl standing next to me. “He’s got a fine butt doesn’t he? You should see it when it’s bare!” she told me, handing me an ice cold beer. She looked me up and down. “I’m sure he’d let you have a turn at it. We’re going to break in the bed when he’s done, you’re welcome to join us.”

Wait, what rabbit hole had I fallen down? Did she just ask me to stay and have sex? I must have looked as confused as I felt because she laughed. “He’s an ex-BF who is still a good friend and an occasional fuck buddy. And you’re a hottie. I’m always open to a new girl. Or wait, maybe you don’t swing that way.” She paused to take a long swallow of beer and I was surprised how sexy she made it look. Wrapping her lips around the bottle and licking of the salt, before she took a drink. I watched her swallow, fascinated and finding myself oddly aroused. “S’okay, you’re welcome to join us anyway. He’s a good fuck, and he’ll go all night. I’m sure he could satisfy us both easily. Anyway, you’re welcome.”

I stood there, dumbfounded, as she walked over to him and ran her hand down his ass, reaching farther in obviously giving his balls a squeeze.  He looked up at her and smiled. “Almost done, then we’d better give it a good test bounce!” She leaned forward, nibbling on his lips before kissing him hard. “We might have company to help test it,” she said. Turning back to me, she smiled. “What’s your name anyway?” Now they were both looking at me, the guy with obvious interest. I barely managed to stammer out “Mandy.” “Well this is Craig, and I’m Darlene. Nice to meet you neighbor.”

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