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King For A Day II

February 10, 2009

Continuation of a story that fits perfectly with Microfantasy Monday’s theme.

Breakfast in bed was a tradition with us, easy things like grapes, strawberries. Boiled eggs for protein, sometimes little sausage links. I added honey to the tray, and coffee. And a cup of ice. You loved ice handy when we had breakfast in bed. Spying the can of whipping cream I decided to add one more thing to the menu.

Carefully balancing the tray I stepped back into the room where you lay on the bed. I watched you watching me walk across the floor while you stroked your cock that was already fully hard. I set the tray on the table and stood there waiting your orders. Sitting up, you swung your legs over the side of the bed and beckoned me closer.

Looking at my chest, mouth height, you smiled. Opening your mouth you pulled me closer and covered my nipple and aureole completely, then sucked hard, drawing all the whipped cream off without actually touching my needy nipples. I shivered, still feeling the vibration of the egg inside my ass. You cleaned off the other nipple as you tugged at the string on the egg, making it jump even more.

“You know, I’m thinking I want a very special breakfast today. And I don’t think your ass is full enough yet.” With a wicked smile, you reached over for a boiled egg. “Spread your cheeks, so I can fill your ass more,” you told me. I shivered and quickly did as you asked. Then I felt the cold egg against my hole. You pushed it forward but the coldness and dryness of the shell made it rough.

“You don’t need more lube do you? You can take it.” I gulped as I gave what I knew was the correct answer, “Yes, I can take it. I want to feel it go in.” You smiled at me and pushed a bit harder, catching a little bit of the original lube it began to slide in, then suddenly pushed in all the way, hitting the side of the toy. Reaching over you turned off the vibrations. “Might need the batteries for later,” you grinned.

You motioned for me to lay down on the bed. I eased onto the side then pulled my legs up gingerly, not wanting to break the egg. When you reached for the ice I shivered, knowing where you were going with it. I involuntarily clenched my knees together. “No,” you barked out. “Spread them open wide, or I’m going to be adding yet another egg to your ass. And it won’t be a boiled one this time.” I let my legs fall open and watched as your hand brought the ice toward my pussy.

The first touch of the ice cube against my clit had me quivering. It was cold and hot at the same time. You rubbed it back and forth until it started dripping down along the edge of my opening making me shiver harder. Holding the ice there with one hand, you reached for the sausages. “Look baby,” you said. “Mini dicks. And I know you love the taste of sausage.” You put one of the sausages against my lips, “Suck it.” I pulled it into my mouth sucking on it but before I could take a bite, you pulled it away and shoved it my pussy. Sliding it in and out, it was small enough that I barely felt it, then you pulled it out and pushed it back into my mouth. “Now,” you said. “Eat your sausage.”

I could tell you weren’t finished with me as you watched me eat the sausage covered in my juices. You pushed another sausage in my pussy but this time you ate it. Looking back at the plate you chuckled, “Good thing you got the strawberries with stems.” Soon you were pushing the strawberries into my cunt, letting the stems stick out, seeing how much you could get to fit in my pussy. The grapes followed. Then you topped it all off with some more whipped cream. My pussy felt completely frozen, and yet I was burning. “You know, if I fucked you now, we’d have a great fruit salad.”

Instead you bent down and began to lick off the whipped cream, dipping your tongue into my cunt to pull out a grape. “By the way, don’t cum,” you whispered to me then proceeded to thoroughly lick me, eating the strawberries as you pulled them out.

“Now, for your breakfast,” you said as you knelt beside my shoulders. Pushing your cock against my lips you worked your way to the back of my throat before leaning over me to grab the headboard. Now you were able to really push in and I moaned as you started fucking my mouth. I knew better than to move my hands and gagged as you pushed in harder. Using my tongue and lips I sucked you happily, as you pounded against my face and finally filled my mouth with cum.

Lying on the bed with your cock filling my mouth, I held you until you softened, licking lightly. I’d been so close to cumming as I sucked you off, but one squeeze of my thighs reminded me of the double set of eggs in my ass. I was worried that if I squeezed too hard the egg would crack. With one last groan you pulled your cock from my mouth, still glistening from the through cleaning I’d given you. “Good thing you didn’t let yourself cum,” you said. “I might have had to fill your ass with all the eggs in the fridge.” Reaching back you gave my ass a slap, jostling the eggs together. “How’s that feeling,” you asked? “It’s full,” I replied. “Can we get it out now, please? I’ll be good.”

Standing up you looked down at my ass. “I’ll tell you what, I’m not going to take the toy out. So you’ll have to get the boiled egg out on your own. Without hands.” I shivered as you ran your finger down the crack of my ass, pushing at the egg from the outside. “I’ll even help,” you said gleefully. With your hands you spread my cheeks wide, leaving my ass hole exposed to your view. At first I couldn’t figure out what you meant, then my eyes grew wide in comprehension. I knew there wouldn’t be a problem, since I’d made sure to give myself a through internal cleaning before dressing, but still. I didn’t want to do that, right here, in front of you. I wasn’t even sure I could with you watching.

“Well. I’m waiting,” you complained impatiently. “Do you need for your ass to get more stuffed before you can learn to do as I say?” I licked my lips, still tasting your cum on them. “No sir, I’ll get it out.” I tightened my muscles and pushed, working it out a little at a time. Then I felt both eggs slide free. Slap! “I said the toy was to stay put,” you growled. “Try again.” Pushing the toy against my hole you shoved it in roughly, following it with the boiled egg. Then you reached for the other boiled egg and forced it past my asshole. I sobbed softly from the roughness and the pain. Slap! “Keep it up. I know there’s a brand new dozen eggs in there. Raw. And I’ll push every one of them down your ass. And then I’ll leave you there and go buy another dozen to fill your pussy.” Your hand kept time with your words, slapping my ass. First smacking the cheeks, then bring your hand down between them. As your palm slapped hard against my asshole I could swear I felt the eggs cracking.

“I’m sorry,” I whimpered very softly. “I’ll do it right, I promise.” You smiled at me and said “Good girl. Look, I’ll even help you a little more, since it hurts so much. I’ll add some lube if you want.” I gasped and quickly said “No, thank you. I can take it.” I knew that the lube would make it even more likely that I’d not be able to keep the toy in. I bit my lip and wrapped my hands in the sheets as I bore down slowly pushing out one egg. You rubbed my ass gently, stroking along the bright red marks you’d left. “Good, now one more. But make sure it’s just the egg this time.” I nodded tearfully, fighting the stinging pain in my ass as I very gently began to bear down again. The egg slid out bit by bit, scraping against the inside of my ass and I wanted to push hard, just to get it out of there, to stop it from hurting, but I knew better. Finally, the egg fell into your waiting hand and I stopped pushing quickly. I sighed with relief, both at the cessation of the sharp pain and the fact that the toy remained inside my ass where it belonged.

Smiling at me, you set both eggs on the plate, and rubbed your thumb against my crack. Quickly adding a second thumb, you pushed against my hole, opening it slightly. “Hurts does it,” you asked? I nodded quickly. Rubbing your thumbs for another couple of seconds, you eased them out, then greased them with a generous dollop of lube and slid them back in. Soon the painful dry rubbing became soft and sensual. “Better, “you whispered as you leaned down over me to kiss my ear. “Yes, thank you, “ was my soft reply. Gently you let your thumbs slide in deeper; pushing the toy up to ensure it wouldn’t be sliding out any time soon. “Alright, finish getting dressed, while I take my shower. Then we’ll go for our walk.”

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