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Kink in Wood – Part II

January 29, 2009

My body vibrated while at the same time it shivered. A cool breeze blew in from somewhere, hitting my exposed nipples. My arms were beginning to ache from the stretch and pull. I leaned forward, trying to ease some of the pressure and felt the wood roughly caress my hard nipples. The room slowly faded into darkness. Not even a glimmer of light could be seen through any of the windows. I’d been held here for at least an hour and my arousal had faded to be replaced with the beginnings of fear. Would he just leave me here? All night? What had I gotten myself into.

The click of the door sounded like a shot in the silence, startling me, pulling out of my dazed thoughts. I could see nothing but I could hear footsteps coming closer. Each step was measured, not hurried but loud. I felt the air stir as someone approached, but I could not tell who it was. A boot slipped between my feet, pushing them apart, straining my arms even more and I could not help the moan that escaped my lips. There was a slight grunt by my ear. “You’re arms aren’t quite as long as I thought. Be still. I’ll find something.” Steps muffled by sawdust could be heard moving away from me, but I’d recognized the voice. I was insanely pleased that he’d returned for me and suddenly completely soaked.

“Lift your right foot,” came the voice, as something rough was pushed against the back of leg. “Now. Step up. Do as I said.” I tried to put my leg up on the bench he’d brought, but legs were shaking too much. He grabbed my foot and set it on the top, then shoved the other side forward, dragging my other foot up. I felt the blessed relief as my arms were able to move a little. “Thank you,” I said softly. “Don’t thank me,” he said as he reached around me to pinch a nipple. “This is a better angle for me to fuck you.” He pushed my head down, stretching me out again, my head hitting the shelf. I felt the rough jeans against my bare ass as he roughly pinched and pulled at my breasts.

“I’ve seen you watching me, all hungry. Like you were in charge. I waited for you. Now we’ll see who’s really in charge.” Rough hands grabbed my ass, then spread my cheeks apart. “Bet no one’s ever claimed that rosebud. Well I hope you’re ready, because I’m going to bury my cock in there tonight. But I’ve got something else for you first.” Again he moved away from me, leaving me hot and cold at the same time. I realized I’d played a very dangerous game with a man who was a master of them. I’d never been touched so roughly, never been pushed. I shivered with desire, knowing that there would be pain, but the pain would bring pleasure.

All my being was focused on the sounds I could hear in the darkness. He was nearby, and I could hear things being moved around on a workbench. “I saved this just for you. I knew you’d be here eventually.” He was closer, and I felt something brush against my as, sliding back and forth. “I made this book case just for you. And this piece of leather, I saved from something I was making. Let’s see how you like it.” Smack. I jumped as the leather strap hit my bare ass. I tried in vain to get away from it as it came down again. “The more you move, the harder I’ll hit. You wanted me, now you’ll take what you came for.”

I bit my lip and tried to hold still. Smack. And again. I could feel my ass heating up from the blows. Smack. “Good. You’re taking it well. Now, I want you to show me how much you like this. How much more you want. Because we both know you want me to fuck you. If you follow my orders precisely, when I’m done with your ass, I might give you what you want.” I felt the moisture from my pussy slide down my bare legs as I throbbed in response to his words. Nodding quickly I asked “What shall I do?” “Lean forward more, and spread your legs so I can see you.” I spread my legs more, leaning until my cheeks were spread before him as an offering. From this position he could see everything, open and waiting.

The strap came down again. Smack. This one I felt from the crack of my ass straight to the lips of my pussy. Not as hard, but hard enough to sting. Again, and again he used the leather on me. Softer stingy smacks on my vulnerable spots, harder ones landing on my ass cheeks. I was moaning both from the pain and from the heat. I knew if that strap got closer to my clit again I’d be cumming. Each flick sent shivers through me, pushing me closer to the edge. “What a good little whore you are. You look like your about to cum, but it’s not your turn. Lucky for you, I’ve got grease handy because I can guarantee you wouldn’t like me using your ass without it.” As he spoke I felt his fingers rubbing against my asshole, spreading some thick substance on it. Then rough fingers pushed there way into the hole, digging in, spreading me in ways I’d never been spread.

I burned inside and out as he forced his finger in all the way. I thought I’d taken all I could, but he added another finger and stretched me further. I gave a little cry as he pushed both fingers in deep. “You ready to go home yet? Done playing you little game? Just say the word, I’ll let you loose and off you can go.” Part of me was scared enough to run, but I knew I’d never find what I wanted. What he was giving me was far beyond my scope, beyond anything I’d ever imagined. But all I could think was that I wanted more. “Please, let me stay. Anything, I’ll do anything you say.”

He was silent for a moment, fingers buried in my ass. Then he flexed them, stretching me more, drawing them out then pushing in quick. “I want you to talk dirty. Tell me how much you want me to fuck your ass. How much you want my cock.” I hesitated for a moment, and he started to pull his fingers out. “I want you,” I tried. I’d been raised not to say certain words, it was hard to change that. “I want you to… fuck me.” “That’s a good start. Good girls deserve a reward,” he said as he slide one finger around and lightly rubbed against my clit. I couldn’t help it, I moaned loudly. I was so swollen, each touch was like a shock. ”

Don’t stop there, tell me what you want.” His finger rubbed harder, caressing my clit and pulling at the lips. “Please,” I begged softly. “My – your. I want your cock.” Both hands working on me now, fingers fucking my ass, fingers sliding along my clit, his body moving in closer to me, letting me feel his hard cock against my thigh. “Oh yes, your cock. I want, I want your cock in my ass.” I was practically hissing, so close to cumming. “That’s a good girl.” He pulled his fingers from my ass at the same time he moved his other hand away from my clit.

“Hang on now.” I grabbed the wood as I felt the head of his cock against my ass. Once he was well positioned, he pushed in just a little. No pain yet, just a strange sensation. His other hand slid over to cup my pussy, then as he thrust forward with his hips, his hand slapped my pussy. The two sensations overwhelmed me completely and I felt waves of pain and pleasure flood over me. I couldn’t seem to stop cumming as he filled my ass with his hard cock, filling me, taking me over.

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