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Shower Tease

January 16, 2009

The water sloshed warmly around me as I slid the razor along my pussy, using my hand to judge the smoothness. All this shaving was making me horny. I’d never really kept it smooth before and the sensation was making clit throb. I spread my lips to make sure I got everything and the water from the shower bounced of my exposed clit causing it to thrum. MMM. Maybe shaving could wait a little bit.

I set the razor down and positioned myself just right. Having played like this in the shower before I knew how best I liked it. It was an amazing feeling, like a hard tickle. Very unlike the feeling I get when I slide my finger along the edge. I spread my lips again, letting my fingers brush against my clit, feeling how full it was. A drop from the shower hit just right. I felt it zing all the way through me like an electric shock. Each drop hits sharply, strong enough to make me cum if sustained. Instead though, it’s a tease, notching me a little bit higher. Torture of the sweetest kind.

I shuddered as another drop struck, and another quick behind it. Not enough I thought. I waited impatiently for the next drop. There was no regularity to it, but something about the anticipation was enough to keep me from completely losing the rush. I closed my eyes and lay there, not feeling the chill of the porcelain tub, or the water moving gently around my body. I was entirely focused on the next drop of water coming down directly on my clit.

I had unconsciously begun to bite my lip, straining to reach that next drop sooner, knowing from experience that moving just made it worse. I had to lie utterly still and wait for it. Nothing I did could rush it. Moans began to break from behind my lips as each drop hit. I was so close, I could taste it. My entire clit was super sensitive, each drop now feeling harder, better. Soon, I thought. Just a couple more. I almost wanted to just reach my fingers in and finish the job, but I knew if I waited. Oh yes, there’s another. So close. Argh, two drops hit suddenly, pushing me over the edge. It seemed like I was going to cum for days.

I waited for the vibrations of my body to still, feeling the warm water turning chill against me. I slowly let go of my lips, covering my clit up. Coming out of my lethargic state, I stood up a bit shakily, and turned off the water. I’d have to finish shaving later, when my hands weren’t so weak. And the water wasn’t so cold.

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  1. February 27, 2009 4:47 pm

    hmmmmmm, beautifully written.

    thanks for sharing….. and it’s nice to know that i’m not the only one who enjoys a good shower……

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