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Microfantasy Monday

January 6, 2009

Just heard about this – so I’ll take a stab at it.

Blond hair fell over his forehead as he stepped into the room. He looked nervous and unsure of himself. “I’ve got 10 minutes before my next appointment, so we’ll make this quick.” I said as I walked over to him. His eyes were an interesting shade of blue-green and his relief shown through. “You knew that shirt would be considered inappropriate. Yet you chose to wear it.” I walked around him, studying a finely sculpted ass covered by worn jeans. I was hoping for the opportunity to bite it, eventually.

Back at the front of my desk, I carefully removed my scissors from the cup holder, tapping them in my hand. His eyes followed every movement. A quick flicker of my own eyes showed that he was indeeed swelling. This boded well for future encounters. Opening the scissors, I pulled his shirt out from his belly, letting my fingers graze it softly. “You won’t wear such a thing again will you? The next time the punishment might be more severe.

Slowly I snipped my way up his shirt, deliberately crooked, aiming for one nipple. I let the edge of the scissors graze him, watching his eyes darken. Knuckling his nipple briefly I continued up to the collar. “Lean your head back, or you might get nicked.” I said firmly. I moved in closer as he leaned back and looked at the ceiling. I forced the scissors through the last bit of fabric, then eased my hands over his shoulders to slide the shirt off.

I was pleased with the way he kept his head up. “Hmm,” I murmured as I leaned in and breathed on his nipple. “Sorry about that looks like I nicked you a little. You’ll live.” I stepped back, enjoying the picture he made, standing there, ready for whatever I had to give him, nipples peaked, hard on swelling his jeans. A knock at the door startled him, and I pushed at him gently. “Out you go, there’s extra shirts in the box outside. Back to class with you, or your professor will wonder where you’ve gone. Remember, the next time will be more severe.”

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