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Stranger on a bus

December 29, 2008

I was yawning as I snuggled down into the seat across from my friend. I’d moved hoping it would be warmer, and planned on going straight to sleep. At least it was dark, and the seat where I laid my head soft enough. Being small it was easy to curl up with my back against the bus wall and put my feet in the aisle to doze off. My head was at a perfect angle to see through the gap in the seats but who knew that I’d see what I did.

I admit, even though I’ve reached a certain age, some of these young college boys are fantasy material. The one seated behind my friend was so drunk I’m surprised he hadn’t passed out yet. What is it with boys, buses and alcohol. Some combination of the two had him horny and not caring who saw.

At first, I wasn’t sure if I was seeing it. I watched both hands settle in has lap. I just assumed it was a normal position for a guy. But soon both hands were moving. It was a bit hard to see until one hand moved and I watched as the other set up an obvious squeezing motion. That woke me right up. I’ve always enjoyed watching a guy touch himself and here I was, watching in secret. Even better.

I watched as his fingers slid along, framing a barely-visible thickness. I was getting hungry just watching him stroking. I moved my head slightly to get a better view of his face. He’d thrown his head back and closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of his hand squeezing. I could even see his breathing change. I kept moving my eyes along him, watching his expression and his hands as they squeezed and played. Shrouded in darkness it was hard to make out details, but I watched carefully, hoping I’d see him open his pants as well.

As I watched I thought about what I would do if my friend wasn’t there. Would I be brave enough to do what I was wanting to do. I could even imagine how it would go, if I was brave enough. Slipping out of my seat quietly, I moved closer, to the seat directly across from him, within view of him. Careful not to disturb him, I slid back with my knees up. I could feel the heat and scent rising up from between my legs. I was already soaking wet. Squirming in my seat, I slid one hand down to cup myself as I watched him stroking. I wondered how long it would take for him to notice he had an audience.

As I watched his fingers curl around his cock through his pants, I pressed in with my finger, working my clothes between my lips, enjoying the roughness on my clit. I must have made a small sound as I rubbed against my clit, because his eyes snapped open and both hands moved away from his crotch. He turned toward me, I’m sure barely seeing me in the darkness. I looked straight at him as I rubbed my clit, slipping the other hand under my shirt to pinch my nipples.

I watched as the realization slowly came into his eyes; I had been watching him and was playing now myself, getting off on his stroking. One of his hands slid back down slowly, rubbing against himself, then slipping beneath his pants. The top button of his fade jeans popped open, the pressure of his hand slowly moving the zipper down. His other hand took hold of the edge of the college-labeled sweater and moved it up, giving me a great view of his stomach and his hand sliding his underwear off the head of his cock.

He had a slight smile on his lips, cocky as only a college boy can be, as he reached up and flicked on the light overhead. He positioned it to highlight his crotch, letting me see the glistening plum head. I knew it was a tease, and I licked my lips at the thought of tasting it, of filling my mouth with that hardness. My fingers pushed harder as I reached up for my own light. It was odd how cloaked our faces in a deeper darkness, highlighting the sex play.

My clit was totally swollen, in need of a firmer touch. I slid my hand under the pants, easing them down enough to see the edge of my hand as I slid my finger between the lips. I was panting by now, as I watched his fingers encircle the head, rubbing the tip with his thumb. He’d moved his pants down further, completely exposing the shaft, giving him room to continue where he left off when I interrupted him. I could feel his eyes on me, watching me stroke myself, watching me watch him. My lips parted as I imagined kneeling next to him and being fed that magnificent hardness.

He must have read the look in my eyes, because he slid back in his seat, leaving the outer one vacant. He waggled his cock at me in invitation, pointing it at me as he slid his hand slowly back and forth. I felt the pull as I almost unconciusly slid from my place to cross the aisle to him. I didn’t even look at his face, so entrhalled by that shiny head. My knees still spread out, my hand against my pussy, I moved down to where he held his cock out to me. Closing my eyes I took a taste.

The precum that coated the head was sweet against my tongue, leaving me wanting more. I slid my lips down around the tip, sucking softly, licking, getting to know my new friend. His free hand came down and slid through my hair, pushing me downward. He wasn’t interested in playing, he wanted to get his dick sucked, now. I happily followed his guiding, sliding my lips down the shaft, moistening him with my tongue. His hips were already pushing up to meet my mouth, with the hand pressing down harder. Soon the other hand joined in, forcing me down on his cock, using my mouth as a fuck toy.

I still kept my other hand rocking against my clit as I rode his cock with my lips, trying to hold every inch. I felt the head jamming against the back of my throat and fought the reflex that made me want to choke. He was already moaning softly, I knew it would be long before he shared the cream with me. His fingers tightened in my hair, tugging as he pushed me down, using me. I felt my own orgasm riding closer as he shoved one last time with his hips, pushing hard against the back of my throat, holding me there to accept every spurt of cum. Sucking hard I came, with my mouth full to over-flowing with his jizz.

Still holding me tight, he slowly softened, then milked the last drops out, splashing them against my lips. Letting go, he slid himself back into his pants, indicating the encounter was over. I slid back to my original seat, licking the last drops, now ready to curl up and sleep with a smile on my face.

I think I need to ride night buses more often. You never know what might happen.

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  1. February 27, 2009 4:51 pm

    very, very hot!

    what a great fantasy!

    • shytrblemaker permalink*
      February 27, 2009 5:50 pm

      It was definitely a nice view. Thank you.

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