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King for a day Part I

December 23, 2008

Wandering around the apartment, I smiled as I thought of the surprises I had in store for you that day. You’d been working like crazy all week and I’d decided it was time for a “you” day. We’d gotten pretty good at taking turns being “on top” but I knew you much preferred the control. Especially when I did a little digging in and you could still see the fire in my eyes as I did exactly what you wanted. I think that’s what I liked best about you. You didn’t try to break me, in fact if I’d broken I’m sure you would have lost interest.

But today would be special. As you slept on in our bed, I got ready for the day. You’d always said you wanted me to wear something “slutty” for you outside of the bedroom so I’d gone shopping. I’d found a way to mix my style with your vision: black pumps , a very sexy bra that supported without covering,thigh-high stockings, and the perfect little dress in fire-engine red. I hadn’t bothered to match it with panties, I was going without for the day. I knew you’d like the idea of my juices flowing and dripping down my inner thighs. I’d also picked up a nice little toy for you to use on me. I could just imagine the look in your eyes when I handed you the remote. You’d understand that it meant you had complete control of me that day.

We’d already discussed the main plans for the day: breakfast in bed, a wander around town through the shops: bookstore for me, the game store and maybe through the little antique shops. It was often a very crowded area on the weekends and my outfit was sure to garner a bit of notice. Especially if the wind came up.

My favorite little bistro was there too, perfect for my lunch plan. Good thing it wasn’t a “family” place. Then we were planning on spending the afternoon in the recently finished park and water area, playing with the camera. Thinking about the day I could already feel myself tingling. If I knew you, it would be a long while before I’d have the chance to cum, but I held off as showered, not wanting to take away from the day.

You started to stir as I toweled off after the shower. Smiling you sat up to watch me get dress. With my back to you, I bent over and put on the bra first, not revealing it’s naughtiness. Then slowly I eased each stocking on, using the chair to brace my foot, giving you a great view of my pussy lips that were already moist. I put the shoes on before the dress, feeling you watch me as I slid each buckle in. I could just imagine the view for you: me in nothing but the bra and thigh highs, the shoes making my ass stick out over the top of the lacy stockings.

I decided to hand you control before I put on the dress so I picked up the toy and controller from the dresser then turned to you. Your eyes widened as you took in my hard nipples still completely bare to your view. “I see you bought a new bra,” you said smiling. “Yes, and I bought something else you’ll like,” I replied, handing you both devices. “It’s up to you where it gets placed,” I said meekly. You looked at the controller and then at me standing there, with my eyes downcast.

“Spread your legs,” you commanded gruffly. I quickly obeyed, moving me legs apart. I felt your hands rubbing against my pussy, feeling the wetness, but not slipping between the lips. You gave me pussy a quick hard slap, then said “Turn around, and bend over.” I could hear the slide of the bedside drawer and knew you were pulling out the tube of lube we kept there. “I think you’d like it in your pussy too much. You’d be cumming all day. Can’t have that.”

Your fingers slid around my ass hole, rubbing the lube in before pushing just inside with more lube. Then I felt the slickness of the toy pushing against my hole as you forced it in. You’d lubed me just enough but without any other preparation, the fit was very tight and my ass had to stretch to accommodate the toy. I cried out as you shoved it in further, then bit my lip as your hand came down sharply on my cheek.

You tugged the end of the string to make sure it was firmly buried then asked “Where’s my breakfast?” I stood up and went to get the dress but you waved me away. “Don’t put anything on, just go.” I was almost to the door when I was surprised by the sudden vibrating of the egg and stopped. “What are you waiting for? Go get breakfast.” I headed to the kitchen, feeling moisture already starting to pool at the juncture of my legs, knowing it was just a matter of time before it coated my legs.

To be continued…

All three installments are up – here is part II

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