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To The Brink Of Seduction

December 22, 2008

I’d always wondered what 1 1/2 bedrooms looked like until I met my friend over at her mom’s place. She was over there a lot, and we’d planned to hang out so I met her there before we headed out.  She was busy, doing stuff for her mom, so I wandered around. Her younger brother was at home, whom I’d met several times, amazed at how he oozed sex and he was only 15. I’d never really thought anything of it, since I was older than his sister by several years, and she’d already turned 19. That day, I learned a lot about 15 year olds.

His room was the 1/2: a tiny closet of a space, long enough for the single bed and a nightstand at the head. Just enough room left to close the door. I was surprised when he told me to come on in, but didn’t see anything wrong with it. Or the fact that he close the door most of the way once I came in and sat on his bed. We sat and talked for a few, discussed things like music, local places to go. But he seemed to lean closer the longer we sat there. The room seemed to be getting even warmer and his bare foot hit the door, closing it completely.

I was unprepared for his stare at my chest, for how wet I got when he looked there. I was wanting to run, but I let myself be seduced. By a 15 year old. At first his hand was soft, exploring. He seemed fascinated by the size of my breasts, the nipples that had begun jutting out. By the time his lips touched mine there was no going back. It wasn’t a tentative kiss, tongues wrapped around each outher, lips pressed in aggressively. Then I felt his fingers squeeze my nipple and I was seeing stars.

Never before, and never since, has someone known so well how to touch me. That time I was close to cumming from the way he played with my nipples.  His tongue in my mouth, his fingers strongly pinching and turning, had my clenching my knees together, feeling everything nearing explosion. I slid my hand under his shirt, feeling his smooth skin and already firm muscles. Touching his chest, dragging my hand down to find him hard and waiting for me.

I’ll never know what might have happened, noises startled both of us, and we pulled apart quickly, adjusting clothes. Later, I pretended it never happened, couldn’t allow it to happen again, avoided him in fear of it happening again. But I always remember how his fingers felt on my nipples, and how close to the edge he brought me.

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